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1. How to fix Jersey POST request parameters warning?

I'm building a very simple REST API using Jersey, and I've got a warning in my log files that I'm not sure about.

WARNING: A servlet POST request, to ...

2. Is it possible to configure JAX-RS method with variable number of URI parameters?

is it possible to configure GET method to read variable number of URI parameters and interpret them either as variable argument (array) or collection? I know query parameters can be read ...

3. Attaching parameters in calling Apis

I have writing Java code Using Jersey library to call Rest APIs. For my first method to display all blogs i have written the code like

  return webResource.path(ConfigurationUtil.LIST_BLOGS).header(ConfigurationUtil.AUTHENTICATION_HEADER, authentication)

4. Specifying parameter in PUT - Rest Web Service

I'm building a REST web service using the Jersey API and I've having a problem passing the parameter to the PUT method. The method is this:

public void putHtml (String content) {

5. REST - How to pass an array of long in parameter with Jersey?

I am trying to pass an array of long with Jersey : In the client side i have trying something like that :

Response getAllAgentsById(@params("listOfId") List<Long> listOfId);
Is there a way to realize something ...

6. how to process variable numbers of parameters for jersey post requests

I've got a Jersey REST server that responds to post requests like so:

public String postHtml() {
I don't know ahead of time the names of all the parameters that might be sent ...

7. How can I grab all query parameters in Jersey JaxRS?

I am building a generic web service and need to grab all the query parameters into one string for latter parsing. How can I do this? Thanks

8. How do I read POST parameters for a RESTful service using Jersey?

I am not using JSON or anything like that. I have a simple form to upload a file and I want to read the parameters of the form. The ...

9. how to get --data parameter from curl command in REST web service

do anyone know how to get "--data " parameter's value from curl command in REST web service.I have write web service using jersey framework with java in NetBean IDE. This is curl ...

10. Java Jersey: Receive form parameter as byte array

Is it possible to receive form parameter as byte array with Jersey? I tried the following:

public String someMethod(@FormParam("someParam") byte[] someParam)
    return "";
But got this error:
SEVERE: The following errors and ...

11. Obtaining actual parameter values in a Jersey ResourceFilterFactory

I want to implement custom authorisation in my REST services using Jersey. This custom authorisation inspects annotations on methods as well as the actual parameters that a method receives. My jax-rs annotated ...

12. Using MessageBodyReader for multiple parameters in RESTful services

The following method does not allow my servlet container to start:

public String upload(final Customer customer, final Control control) {
  // ...
I get, not surprisingly:
SEVERE: Missing dependency for method ... at ...

13. Post/Put/Delete http Json with additional parameters in Jersey + general design issues

For some reason, I haven't found any normal way to do the following: I want to Post a json object, and add additional parameters to the call (in this case, an authentication ...

14. Default Jersey query parameter

I have Jersey client with a lot of functionality and now requirements are changed and I need to implement multitenancy for it. I tried to implement automatic tenancy resolving on server side ...

15. How to access parameters in a RESTful POST method

My POST method looks like this:

public void create(String param1, String param2){
System.out.println("param1 = " + param1);
System.out.println("param2 = " + param2);
When I create a Jersey Client in Netbeans the method who calls the ...