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1. Java Jersey RESTful services

Rather new to REST and Jersey, and I'm trying out some basic examples. I've got one particular question though, which I haven't really found an answer for yet (don't really know ...

2. RESTful on Play! framework

We are planning a project primarily serving content to mobile apps, but need to have a website. My question is whether is makes sense to use Jersey or Restlet to develop ...

3. Java RESTful Jersey Examples?

Are there any examples that demonstrate using Java and Jersey to perform Client<->Server communication? Such as sending XML data to and from each other?

4. Returning a primitive array from a RESTful web service method

I am new to the REST framework, and am trying to expose a simple method which requires an array of integers and returns an array of Strings. But I am confused ...

5. How does a java client access an integer array from a java RESTful web service

I am reframing my own question at : Returning a primitive array through REST I am using Jersey, and I am unable to understand what codes/annotations should be added at both ...

6. SOAP wrapper around existing Jersey RESTful service

I created simple web service with Jersey that reads in an XML file and then creates some objects based on that xml. All I have is a single method that Consumes ...

7. Problem with Restful WebService

I am working on RestFul Webservice,i have written a small restful service, that returns a json data, here is my code :

public class TestService {
public String sayHello() {

8. RESTful development -How to share with clients?

I am using Jersey/Tomcat6 for dveloping some web services. Compared to what I did for SOAP services, I am not getting the idea what should I share to my clients once ...

9. Issues in RESTFul Webservice annotation

I am trying to write a RESTFul Webservice using Jersey.

package sample.hello.resources;

public class HelloResource  {   
    public String ...

13. Return primitive Wrapper types for jersey - Restful

One of the links i found best practice to return primitive types Right now, i have been stuggling to find a simple way to return a primitive type or its Wrapper class. Wrapper classes like Integer, Long are throwing RunTimeExceptions as they don't annotate @XmlRootElement Exception thrown at runtime : Apr 23, 2010 10:45:28 AM com.sun.jersey.server.impl.application.WebApplicationImpl initiate INFO: Initiating Jersey application, ...

14. Restful Jersey javax.naming.NamingException:Lookup failed for 'java:module/PersonRessource'

Hi I am trying to developp a web service application and I am new in this field. I have developp a Person, Account ,PersonRessource and PersonneRessource remote classes. I use a oracle database. The PersonRessource is my ressource, Person and Account are my EJB, and they are mapping on my database. I already have implement my persistence.xml and my web.xml but ...

15. How to Secure a Jax-RS Jersey Restful Web Service?

Hi, I am building a web service for an existing API. i want to guarantee authentication and authorization to users of the web service. I googled this and found many options like HTTPS(SSL), Basic+Digest auth. and even OAuth (3-legged or 2-legged). So i just wonder what is the best solution in the scenario of a client (web app) communicating with my ...