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1. Centralized way of organizing urls in Jersey?    stackoverflow.com

Forgive me if I am asking an obvious question (maybe I missed it in the docs somewhere?) but has anyone found a good way to organize their URLs in

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I am using Jeresy Jax-RS to build a web service. Now I need to get the url of the request with the port # if one exist. So if my service runs ...

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Is there any easy way to provide a case-insensitive URLs in a JAX-RS web service? The goal of this is to produce a web service which is a "lenient acceptor."1 I imagine ...

4. rest url - having '/' as a path VALUE    stackoverflow.com

I think this is not possible, but I need confirmation before throwing it away... I have a GET REST endpoint with this pattern

the problem I am facing is, publisherId could have '/' ...

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I'm working on designing a RESTFul service which provides CRUD operations for various domain objects. One such object is Person. We have the following services:

GET /person/list?type=Infant
responds with all persons of the type ...

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iam working with jersey restful webservices with my sql backend support....Till now iam passing parameters to @GET method in URL after server starts.

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I want to develop rest api.such as: http://localhost:8080/TestSomeWay/resources/test/create?meg=sadasd&name=sadasd and get params from urlparams exp."meg"&"name" I am using jersey to develop a Restful post method it dose not make it ...

8. I am using Jersey to develop RESTful webservices, which URL style is most considered most idiomatic?    stackoverflow.com

I read some websites rest APIs , most urls of this APIs are just like www.abc.com/test?param=11&param=22 however in books teaching REST, most of urls are like www.abc.com/test/11/22 . Whats the difference? ...

9. How to encode path parameter using Java Jersey    stackoverflow.com

How do you encode a path parameter (not form-url-encoded) but just a single URL that's appended in the format:

public String method(@PathParam("url") String url) {
There are lots of references to form URL ...

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We are developing a restful api using jersey (1.9.1) and tomcat 5.5. A given resource is identified with a urn and we would like to address a specific instance of that resource. ...

11. Jersey URL forwarding    stackoverflow.com

Inside a Jersey REST method I would like to forward to an another website. How can I achieve that?

public class News {


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I searched this forum.. found a similar topic but not the answer... Case: I am implementing a REST framework with Jersey.. My server is Jetty.. Link: The base of my implementation and problem...How do i create an embedded Jetty instance that uses Jersey Alright, now the exception thrown.. 2010-03-03 06:17:38,930 ERROR [httpSSLWorkerThread-80-3] StatisticsManager.getStats - Error updating Stream Service .. GET ...

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