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I understand that if you use SUN's Jersey REST implementation framework, you get the ability to use XML and JSON doc's interchangably. I've tried this in a simple REST service and ...

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In following method:




public String getMessage(@PathParam("username") String username,

    @PathParam("id") int id,
    @QueryParam("format") String format) {

 return "test";
how do I return the the data in ...

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How can I return a xml file after calling a particular WebResource? My current one returns as a string

  WebResource webResource = client.resource("http://api.foursquare.com/v1/venues");
    MultivaluedMap<String, String> queryParams = new ...

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I use Jersey to develop RESTful Web Service, but the result xml and json string is not well formated, it's hard to read. How do I format the result xml and ...

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My RESTful jersey project (dynamic web project) name is "my-jersey". I have resource class defined following method:

public class resource{

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String xmlString = "<a>test</a>
WebResource resource = Client.create().resource("http://somehost.com")
resource.put(ClientResponse.class, xmlString)
How can something like the above work? I am not getting content-type of application/xml header on the other side.

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In the web service I've been working on, I've been displaying text to the screen through methods like so in HTML:

public String sayHtmlHello() 
/**Do some stuff
    return "<html> ...

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Heyho, i try to implement a restfull webservice in Java together with Jersey. To comunicate between the client- and server-side i´m watching out for XML. I already tried JSON. When using JSON, the ...

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Is there any other way that we can send an XML file to a RESTful Web Service other than as a FORMPARAM? My requirement is to develop a webservice which Consumes a ...

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I followed the following tutorial (although I installed Glassfish Open Source Edition, instead of Tomcat, and using Eclipse Indigo) : http://www.vogella.de/articles/REST/article.html. The webservice is ok, but when I "Run" the ...

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I'm using a vendor-created SOAP client to access their SOAP service in my Jersey 1.3 REST application. In certain cases, I would like like to access the response's XML, instead of the ...

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Using jersey jersey.java.net How do I set JSON as the default serialization instead of XML when there is no accept header or .xml suffix is in the URI?

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I have a Jeresey application. I have several resources that use beans annotated with javax.xml annotations for providers so the result returns in xml or json depending on what is sent ...