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1. How do I inject dependencies into resources with Jersey?

My initial look at Jersey suggested this was a nice framework that made it easy to create RESTful Java APIs. Unfortunately, since making the decision to use it (together with Grizzly), I've ...

2. Getting JSON from Jersey with circular dependencies

I am writing a service that uses Jersey and JAXB. My classes are annotated with @XMLRootElement, @XMLElement, etc. I have a circular dependency between two classes, so I have annotated the ...

3. How to inject dependencies into resources with Jersey?

I'm having the following problem

class StoreResources {

  private ServerConfig config;

  public String getAll() {
   //do some stuff with ServerConfig
I need the ServerConfig object ...

4. Missing dependencies with Atmosphere and Jersey

I am trying Atmosphere together with Jersey to be able to broadcast messages to users. However on request to the Jersey endpoint, the following appears in the log and results in ...

5. Dependency injection into ResourceFilter not working?

I have a bunch of JAX-RS resources that provide an API for a new WebService. In order to understand what's happening, I'd like to store information about each request in a ...