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1. JAX/Jersey Custom error code in Response

In Jersey, how can we 'replace' the status string associated with a known status code? e.g.

return Response.status(401).build();
generates a HTTP response that contains:
HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
I (not me, but the client application) would like ...

2. Http 204 error in REST web service (Jersey)

I am using Jersey/Java to develop my REST services. I need to return an XML representation for my CarStore :

public class CarStore {
 private List<Car> cars;

 public List<Car> getCars() {

3. Jersey: Error when a class has both JAX-RS and JAX-WS annotations

Using Jersey 1.7, JAX-WS 2.2.3, Tomcat 6.0.30 and the following method declaration prevents Jersey servlet to start:

public void postIt(@WebParam(name = "paramOne") final String paramOne, 

4. Jersey not showing response in case it was an error

I have the following problem... I'm testing a service that return HTTP responses on GET requests. My problem is that I would like to view the response even if it was ...

5. Getting error on pubsub example using Atmosphere + Jersey

I'm following the tutorial here I already have a Jersey project up and running and working fine using JBoss 7. The one difference i have is that i am using ...

6. 415 error when posting POJO to rest web service

i've been developing a web service using jackson on the server side of the system and accessing it using jersey which is working fine for the get requests however I am ...

7. RESTfull Jersey application error in executable jar

I made a simple REST Jersey application starting with maven jersey-quickstart-grizzly archetype (from
It works fine if I run that with maven command (mvn compile exec:java); but if I ...

8. I use jersey + protobuf, How can I pass a meaningful error message back to client?

How can I pass a meaningful error message back to client? I can implement the ExceptionMapper to produce meaningful error message. But how can I have writer to pass the message ...