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I'm learning JAX-RS (aka, JSR-311) using Jersey. I've successfuly created a Root Resource and am playing around with parameters:

public class HelloWorldResource {


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I'm trying to manage a contended resource (as in: database session) while programming a RESTful web application in Jersey. Usually I'd write code like this:

Session session = getSession();
try {

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I want to send json, which have another json object inside, like this

     "key1": "value1",
     "key2": "valu2",
     "content": {

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I've seen posts about how to set the connect timeout for a Jersey client but the documentation doesn't really say how the timeout is handled? Is an exception thrown? ...

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I've been working on a small scale web service in Java/Jersey which reads lists of user information from clients contained in XML files. I currently have this functioning in all but ...

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In the web service I'm working on, I need to implement a URI with query parameters which look like /stats?store=A&store=B&item=C&item=D To break it down, I need to be able to use query ...

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I use Jersey to implement REST web services. Suppose a method of a Resource object returns a response and a network error occurs during sending the response to the client. Does ...

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I wish to catch an XML (HashMap) of this format in my POST handler