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1. Jersey Problem with Parsing a JSONArray

I'm trying to implement a Resource with the jersey framework. But if I call my resource, I will get a parsing exception, that the parser can't parse JSONArray datatype. Here's my resource structure:

public ...

2. How can i serialize this JSON Array String using Jackson Annotations?

[{"ID":"hzQ8ll","CreationDate":"Thu, 24 Feb 2011 12:53:31 GMT","Count":6,"Name":"SOMETAG"}]
The inside is of type tag so i just wrote this java class
public class Tags {

    public List <Tag>tags;

But i get ...

3. How to get & parse xml data and pass to UI

I am newbie in Jersey. There is an URL'123' will return a huge xml data. My jersey rest application would like to get this xml data from the URL, and parse the ...

4. After I got XML data, how to parse it and transfer to JSON?

In Jersey RESTful frame work, I know I can get xml data in client as following:

private static final String BaseURI = "";

ClientConfig config = new DefaultClientConfig();

Client client = Client.create(config);

WebResource service = ...

5. Is there a way to tell GSON to parse strings with type names at beginning?

from Jersey a classic JSON output of List looks like:

But GSON will say it's not a JSON array and experimentally, it accepts:
{"id":"4","name":"mozaika","metric":"m2","code":"104"} for single SubtaskType.
I tested it with JSON validator and ...

6. Jersey RESTfull service with JSON

I want to parse the values from the JSON-Post into Java-Variables. But they are always empty! JSON-Post:

My try to parse it into Java-Variables. Please donĀ“t laugh at me...

7. RESTful API - Serialization vs 'parsing'

I'm currently developing a RESTful API in Java using Jersey for an old, quite complex system. We are looking to support two forms of input - JSON and XML. At this point ...

9. Jersey WebResource output as input for DOM parsing

The parse() method has five overloads: parse(File f); parse(InputSource is); parse(InputStream is); parse(String uri); parse(InputStream, String systemId); The one that takes a String is actually asking for a URI to the XML file. So what I want is to use the get() method of WebResource (above) to obtain the XML in a form that can be passed to one of the ...