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1. Overriding @Path at Jersey

I've been trying to make a Jersey app that takes the following structure from the path: Example 1 (http:// omitted due to stackoverflow restrictions){source-id}/ With code (error handling and unneeded code omitted): With code ...

2. @Path and regular expression (Jersey/REST)

I'm using Jersey in a REST project and I'm needing to use regular expression. Digging about it is simple like:

public class MyResource {

   public ...

3. Passing the URI Path to the JAX-RS Providers

I recently implemented a Jersey JAX-RS Rest service. I created a JIBX provider that allows one to unmarshal and marshall between XML and Java types. I would like to ...

4. problems defining overlapping @Path values for Jersey JAX RS

I have two resource classes - @Path("/pc") - @Path("/{entity:(pc|networks)?}/{id}/tags")
So the second resource handles a branch of '/pc' or '/networks' urls that end with '/tags'. But the problem is none of ...

5. Jersey embedded @Path

I am trying to embed path's in a class like so:

public class AdminSvc {
    public String getStuff(){

6. Multiple base paths in Jersey REST?

The web application I'm working is currently using REST to expose functionality to a iPhone application. All iPhone REST URLs are in the format /mobile/*. We're now looking to provide a RESTful API ...

7. returning Viewable messes up path's so now js/css files don't load

I'm returning a Viewablein my java while which returns a jspwhich is located in the WebContent directory. In that directory there are my cssand jsdirectories where my files are located. My ...

8. Jersey @Path cannot process question mark('?')

I have two REST URLs like:

http://myschool/student/jack //get student information.
http://myschool/student/jack?books //get student books.
public class StudentResource {

    public Response getInformation(@PathParam("name") String ...

9. Project Jersey Jax-RS - Multiple classes with same path

Hi Folks, I just started looking at JAX-RS and was using Jersey Implementation. What i have is two simple classes having the same @Path annotation, and the deployment goes smoothly. My first question should the deployment not check for the multiple classes having same path, Also if it does not as is the case when i deploy this on tomcat 6.X, ...