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1. Setting Jersey to allow caching?

I have the following returned from a Jersey @GET method. It works, fine but always includes the No-cache header. I'd like to allow the client to cache this data since it ...

2. Looking for an example of a web application which provides and uses a JAX-RS web service for "all" logic

I am looking for a good example of an open source web application that provides and uses a JAX-RS web service for all business logic calls. That is an application ...

3. How to choose between Jersey, Apache Wink and JBoss RESTEasy?

I just heard about Apache Wink, and I was wondering what differences it had compared to Jersey or JBoss RESTEasy. What can be done ...

4. What is the best JAX-RS library?

I've been trying to choose which technology to use for a REST application and have found 4 candidates: Jersey -
Apache Wink -
RESTlet -
RESTeasy - but haven't been ...

5. What's a JAX-RS implementation?

I have been trying to figure out how to use JAX-RS for quite some time. I started from the very basic concepts and then to gradually understand the annotation styled programming, ...

6. RESTEasy or Jersey

I have a requirement for RESTFul webservices. It is upto my team to decide whether to go with Jersey (or) Restlet (or) RESTEasy or anything else. after omitting other frameworks, we ...

7. Unable to consume RestFul web service using jersey client

My service side code is implemented using Resteasy

public String getAdDetails(@PathParam("query") String id)
    //Validator v =  ESAPI.encoder().encodeForHTML(id);
    //String id1 = ;

8. Embedded jetty with Jersey or resteasy

I want make RESTful services using embedded jetty with JAX-RS (either resteasy or jersey). I am trying to create with maven/eclipse setup. if I try to follow link I am ...