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I am running Jersey on a weblogic server and I noticed a few extra folders were created. The folders look like this,

and contain the files
crc.ser and des.ser
So, my question is ...

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I am new to using the Jersey framework and developing a web service. I am using Weblogic v 10 as the app server for an existing project and trying to start ...

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I have a Jax-RS Jersey web service on Weblogic. It runs fine but returns a large amount of data. The problem is if I have more that 4 calls for the ...

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Setup: WL 9.2 + Jersey on WL's Jrockit. Picked Jersey because newer versions require Java 6, I believe. Weblogic EJB acts as REST Client and keeps getting this error:

ClientHandlerException: ...

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My local tech stack is wl 9.2, jersey The remote REST svc is in ASP.net, and the response in the request body is described in a document as