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1. Jetty 6 always generates debug logs?

I am using Jetty 6.1.24 to develop a Web Service and my code uses slf4j, as Jetty does, and logging is working fine. What I want to do though is ...

2. Why is Jetty hanging when I try to start it in debug mode?

My problem is that when I try to launch in debug mode, Jetty hangs. Here is my file, taken from the Wicket quickstart page

Server server = new ...

3. Disable jettys debug output in (html)Unit Tests

i use Jetty (v.6.1.25) in a Unit Test(more specific: htmlUnit) to test Servlets,Filters and something like. And I don't will see all the debug output in console. I've found something like:

..but it doesn't ...

4. How to debug thread waiting problems?

I have a lot of such threads in a jetty app I am running. I was wondering how I could debug whats going wrong.

2011-11-30 18:25:52
Full thread dump OpenJDK Client VM ...