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1. How can I define the current directory for the execution of the -task?

I use in my project the Jetty-task to execute a webapp. Can I somehow set the working-directory used by Jetty as the servlet-container is started?

2. Jetty ant task configuration

Two questions on configuring the jetty ant task to get jetty to listen on a different port, I'm doing this in the jetty.xml:

 <Call name="addConnector">

3. jetty plugin for ant : How to define a jvmarg like javaagent?

I'm running an ant jetty task and i want to provide several jvmargs associated to jetty process : -Xmx -javaagent -... Can't find any option available besides ANT_OPTS..

4. How can I increase memory and enable remote debugging when using Jetty with Ant?

I am trying to use Jetty with ant and for the most part I've followed the instructions outlined here. The webapp starts up ok but I still to make ...

5. ant jetty plugin

I have a problem related to in jetty ant plugin: Absolute scanTarget path works:

<scanTargets dir="**build/classes/cat/ccma/digiservices/server/services**">
    <include name="**.*class" />
But relative path doesn't (changes in compiled class does not reload ...

6. JVM args setting for Codehaus jetty ant plugin

When starting jetty using Codehaus jetty ant plugin, how can I pass JVM args?

7. How can I setup a development environment based on ant and ivy that embedds and starts jetty on a task?

I don't use eclipse and would like to setup an ant/ivy build script for web app development. The build script can only assume that the jdk/ant are installed on the system, ...

8. Experience with running Jetty 7 or 8 from ant?

Is there a way to run jetty 7 or 8 from ant? There's an ant plugin that works fine with the (pre-eclipse) version 6 only, but the eclipse versions seem only ...