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1. Clustering COMET using Terracotta

We're trying to cluster a COMET web application written in Java using JETTY 7.0's implementation of suspended servlet 3.0 API. Does anyone have experience using Terracotta in a suspend/resume servlet web application. Greg ...

2. comet vs pubsub..?

may i know what is the different between these 2 approach ? can explain in lay man terms?

3. Bayeux code example for Resin 4

Anyone have working (simple) example source code of the Bayeux + Comet support in Resin 4? Thanks. (or if not, any for Jetty?)

4. What java comet-style framework is the most mature and robust?

There seems to be significant issues with Tomcat6/Comet/NIO (example). Are the majority of people doing asynchronous http using something else? Jetty/continuations? What about Glassfish's servlet 3.0 implementation? ...

5. Implementing Jetty with Oracle

I am trying to implement a chat application with Jetty and Oracle database. I have taken the code form and added Oracle connection with-in it. It works fine ...