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1. How to set the path of web app in META-INF/context.xml in Jetty?

I know how to do it in Tomcat configuration but how to do the same in Jetty server?

2. How to prevent Jetty from showing context related information

I am using Jetty to deploy a production website. Let's assume my website is When I point my browser to a context which does not exist (say, Jetty shows ...

3. Reloading context in jetty

I have a question related to context reloading. What I do: 1) start jetty 2) put war1.war in /webapps --> that fires a new /war1 context and it works. 3) put war2.war in /webapps ...

4. Tell Jetty to reload on webapp change, not context.xml change

I have jetty running with some context.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"  encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<!DOCTYPE Configure PUBLIC "-//Mort Bay Consulting//DTD Configure//EN" "">
<Configure class="org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext">
      <Set name="war">path/to/webapp</Set>
      <Set ...

5. Overriding context paths in Jetty

I'm trying to use two web apps with Jetty. The first I named root and installed in the webapps directory, and it is properly handling all requests. The second has a ...

6. Removing old contexts in IntelliJ deployment

Using the jetty plugin with intellij idea 10.5: Deploying a new webapp picks up old wars since the IDE doesn't seem to clear old contexts (or have an eclipse WTP-like ide integration). ...

7. How can I map multiple contexts to the same war file in Jetty?

Is it possible to map multiple contextPaths to one WAR file in Jetty? For example

And then I'd like to have two different contexts pointing to this war. The reason being some ...