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1. Netbeans 7 and Jetty

Is it possible to integrate Jetty with NetBeans 7? WulfgarPro

2. Problem creating an Embedded Jetty Endpoint in a NetBeans Platform Application using System.setProperty

I created a Netbeans Platform Application using Netbeans 7.0.1 and the JDK 1.7. I implemented my own Web Application on a normal module using Embedded Jetty 7.4.5 (consisting of a Web Service ...

3. Netbeans 6.7m3 - new grail app, jetty 8080 -> HTTP ERROR: 503

See Thread at: Posted on behalf of a User hi kristian, are you still facing the problem regarding HTTP 503 error? I was trying to follow through the BookDemo tutorial ...

4. Jetty Plugin?

5. jetty plugin

Are you interested in using jetty as a test platform? If so, and you're willing to maven-ize your project, you could use the jetty Maven plugin and add a few custom Maven commands to your project. It's been a while since I've done this. It's based off an old blog post: While plunging into Maven is a bit challenging at ...