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1. Remote debug Jetty (no mvn, no plugins)

Past scenario
- Work with Tomcat and start in debug mode and Remote Debug with Eclipse.
- Define a port and connect with eclipse in this debug/remote port.
- Use to ...

2. How to setup Jetty with Eclipse without plugin?

I would like to start with Java web development. First I would like to setup a good development environment using an Jetty server in Eclipse, which would allow for short development ...

3. HowTo use https / ssl with Maven/Mortbay Jetty Plugin?

I would like to use ssl / https as described in using jetty-maven-plugin, but I don't know how to configure the plugin. Any hint, example, tutorial, walkthrough ? Also, I wonder ...

4. How embeded http server in own plugin on Eclipse?

I need an embedded http server. Which can be controlled by pressing the button (Start, Stop) in the plugin. I looked at the jetty, but don't understand how to use it.

5. Jetty eclipse plugin