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1. How to configure nginx to work with Jetty6 webserver?    stackoverflow.com

It seems that nginx is used with php, ruby and python. Anyone has an example of how to setup nginx to work with jetty/tomcat in backend? Thanks.

2. jetty 6 rewrite handler not working web server    stackoverflow.com

I cannot make rewrite handler to work on Jetty server 6.1.24. Here is my example in Scala:

val server = new Server(8080);

val contexts = new ContextHandlerCollection();
val rewriteHandler = new RewriteHandler();


Any ideas? Thanks! ...

3. What libs do I need to embed Jetty webserver into my Java application?    stackoverflow.com

I have heard that embedding Jetty webserver into a Java application is easy and I found lots of code samples doing that. However, I haven't found any guide to actually import Jetty ...

4. jetty Hello World Example not compiling    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to compile the java class on: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Jetty/Tutorial/Jetty_HelloWorld with Jetty web service. For some reason when i try running: javac -cp servlet-api-2.5.jar:jetty-all-$JETTY_VERSION.jar HelloWorld.java It says there are 14, yes 14 ...

5. H2 webserver failing on Jetty restart    stackoverflow.com

We have our (new) build setup with the H2 web server starting up using the following Spring bean:

<bean id="org.h2.tools.Server-WebServer" class="org.h2.tools.Server"
    factory-method="createWebServer" depends-on="dataSource" init-method="start"