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1. Jetty server for windows

Can the Jetty server run on windows based environments. If there is a windows installable, can someone please point me to it. Thanks, Amit

2. Running Jetty 7 as Windows Service

Did Jetty 7 drop support to run as a service using Java Service Wrapper? What options do I have now?

3. How to launch a web server and point the browser to it when it finishes?

I am writing a windows batch file to do the following things:

  1. Display a picture in the middle of the screen, showing the beautiful icon of my software.
  2. Kick of the launch of ...

4. run command after jetty starts in batch

Ok, here's the problem. My goal is to run FF Portable, when Jetty starts. My start.bat looks like that:

@echo off
start /B start_jetty.bat 
start /B start_firefox.bat 
@echo off
cd jetty-7.1.6/
java -jar ...

5. app launched from java commons-exec can't access web on win7, but launched from cmd.exe can

Running on windows7, using wkhtmltopdf to generate a pdf from our site works fine from a command prompt. Running the exact same wkhtmltopdf command from a servlet running in jetty via ...

6. Error Starting Jetty-Service (Solr)

Update: I installed the 32bit JDK and the service starts fine now. No idea why though. The machine it was failing on was 64bit... Update2: So installing the 32bit JDK will allow ...

7. Jetty Service not running in Windows 7

I've been trying to run (including running as administrator) jetty-service on windows 7 but each time I run the Jetty-Service.exe, the command console pops up and immediately closes, after which I ...

8. Jetty(?) breaks large js file on windows

We use Jetty to deliver some js, css and html files, together with a jersey-powered REST API. I have a user running windows 7 32bit, German locale, that is encountering a ...