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1. How can I implement JMS MessageListener?

I tried to implement MessageListener, but it dosen't work, but when I use MessageListner, it doesn't work. So what should I do that MessageListener starts working, I'm using jboss 4.02.

recv.receive(); // ...

2. How to remove a JMS MessageListener once started?

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Destory JMS Message Listener
How to remove a JMS MessageListener once started? I use queueReceiver.setMessageListener(this); to create a listener. But once I am dome with it ...

3. Want to add MessageListener to Programmatically created Queue forever

I am creating JMS Queue at run time and trying to add Listener after creation of queue. Now I am able to bind Listener with newly create queue. Here is my sample ...

4. question on JMS receive()/MessageListener precedence

If I set a MessageListener object for a MessageConsumer, and then call receive() on that consumer, what will happen? Will the provider give the message to receive(), or will it continue ...

5. javax.jms.MessageListener and java.lang.Object

In a message driven bean that implemnts javax.jms.MessageListener, I created a "wait()" method for some reason. I checked the javax.jms.MessageListener API it seems it does not have anything to do with java.lang.Object class which comes with default "wait()" method. So is this OK ? Does it mess up any threading thing ?