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1. JMS Messaging Performance: Lots of Topics/Queues vs. Extensive Filtering (Message Selectors)

I'm working on a project that is going to make heavy use of JBoss Messaging (JMS). I'm tasked with building an easy to use wrapper around Messaging for other developers and ...

2. Message Driven Bean Selectors (JMS)

I have recently discovered message selectors

     propertyValue="Fragile IS TRUE")
My Question is: How can I make the selector dynamic at runtime? Lets say ...

3. JMS - How do message selectors work with multiple queue and topic consumers?

Say you have a JMS queue, and multiple consumers are watching the queue for messages. You want one of the consumers to get all of a particular type of message, so ...

4. JMS: modulus operator in message selector

I want to load balance JMS messages using message selectors. A message has a property "EntitiyIX". The selectors shall be like:

"EntitiyIX Modulus 2 == 0" ==> route to queue A
"EntitiyIX Modulus 2 != ...

5. JMS Message Selector implementation

I need to verify whether javax.jms.Message matches provided selector i.e.:

Message msg = ...;
SomeSelectorMatcher matcher = new SomeSelectorMatcher(" someProp='someVal' and someProp2 >3 ... ");

     //do sth

6. JMS Queues that require a selector

I want to implement a JMS Queue to ensure that each message is only delivered to one consumer. There will be many different types of consumers on listening to the queue. ...

7. "message selector" over "using separate queues" for different type of jms messages

Please advise me in Choosing "message selector" over "using separate queues" for different type of jms messages(segregated by some msg property). Message selector impl:
public MessageConsumer createConsumer(Destination destination, ...