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What are the big advantages from JMS over Webservices or vice versa? (Are webservices bloated? Is JMS overall better for providing interfaces?)

2. How to design service that can provide interface as JAX-WS web service, or via JMS, or as local method calls within JEE framework?    stackoverflow.com

Using a typical JEE framework, how do I develop and deploy a service that can be called as a web service (with a WSDL interface), be invoked via JMS messages, or called directly from ...

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I need to develop a system which accepts orders and returns confirmation. Orders could come from java or non java clients. Not sure whether to go for web service implementation or ...

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I currently have a messaging application with several adapters/listeners. Each adapter has a receive method that receives a message, processes it and puts it in the next queue for the next ...

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I am trying to learn different web services to understand what they are used for. But, I am confused as these terms overlap frequently. I would appreciate if someone can tell ...

6. Tools for functional testing a J2EE/JEE application with message-driven beans and web services    stackoverflow.com

I need to test a complete system that talks to the world entirely by JMS and JAX-WS. The flow, more or less, is this:

  1. Triggered by a single JMS message,
  2. Queries a few ...

7. JMS Physical Destinations Problem in Sun Java One Application Server    coderanch.com

Hi: If poosible kindly let me know how to resolve this problem. In Sun Java One Application Server, under Application Server > Java Message Service > Physical Destinations whenever I click on Physical Destinations I am receiving the following error " A "com.sun.enterprise.tools.guiframework.exception.FrameworkError" was caught. The message from the exception: "Unable to get View for ViewDescriptor 'jmsPhysicalDestinations'" The root cause is ...

8. Webservice vs JMS    coderanch.com

Note that while JMS messages can be bridged to non-Java clients, you will get the best results if all parties involved are Java. JMS also provides for several different content types - Java object, text, byte[] etc. where a web service basically moves text. As Ulf said, JMS can move SOAP messages for a web service application. Bill

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10. JMS and Webservices    coderanch.com

Hi, iam having a conceptual doubt.Webservices are used to expose some methods so that the business process is irrespective of the client.But the same result can be acheived by the combination of JMS,XML and MDB(Message Listener).Consider i have a bean which contains some business logic.Let the client be a .NET client.The client send the request in the form of XML to ...

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16. Cannot convert DataHandler to JMS mesage    coderanch.com

Hi I am using ActiveMQ for messaging and Mule 2.0.2 as ESB. As a normal flow if I transfer a string it will access web service and place the string in messaging queue. Mule will read the string automatically and transfers the data further for processing. If I pass a DataHandler object (to transfer a file) using web service. It says ...

17. Is it possible to have my replyqueue configured on different JMS server from request queue?    coderanch.com

Hi, while using soap over JMS, my web service client wants to have reply queue on different JMS server (Basically , its not on the same JMS server where request queue is). I was going though the soap over JMS spec and could not find any parameter to send "connection related information for reply queue" to Web service Provider while sending ...