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I need to parse a xml file using JAVA and have to create a bean out of that xml file after parsing . I need this while using Spring JMS in ...

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I am doing a project with tibco designer and require an xml document to be required to be repeated to 3 destinations with some tags modified. I was thinking of doing ...

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I am trying to convert a message which i receive through JMS, which is in this form "Harry PotterJ.K.Rowling1995" This is stored as a String. For example String contents. How do i convert ...

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I am looking for a load testing tool / load generator for HTTP (Web Services) and JMS calls. What would be a state of the art tools?

  • a) a free product
  • b) a commercial ...

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My scenario is to post different kind of xml format data onto a same queue from a bpel process using native format option of the jms adapter. It is working fine but ...

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I have .xml files and I want to send the content to the JMS queue. In this should I convert this xml to textmessage and send? or is there a way ...

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In terms of JMS I just need a brief overview on how they are different. ie. does the alias receive the same messages that the local one does.

8. Record all xmls from JMS queue before they get processed by trigger    stackoverflow.com

Has anyone had any luck with a tool that can save all xmls (as say .txt or .xml files doesn't matter) that arrive on a websphere MQ before they get processed ...

9. Reg ex for activation-config-property-value    stackoverflow.com

Can I give a regex pattern for activation-config-property-value in ejb-jar.xml? instead of something like this.

<activation-config-property-value>header='90S' or header='90MS' or header='92S' or header='97S' or header='89S' or header='96CDS'</activation-config-property-value>
I need something like,
Please suggest. Thanks,

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I am using HermesJMS version 1.14. I am attempting to post an XML message to an IBM WebSphere MQ queue via HermesJMS. I face two issues namely,

  1. If I select a queue, right ...

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Im a newcomer for Sonic JSM queue. I need to send an xml message to a JSM queue. I can send a string message using following code.

Dim msg As Sonic.Jms.TextMessage = ...

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Hi, Is it possible to make JMeter not to escape XML characters (<,> and so) in message content (JMS Point-to-point sampler)? I am using XML as message body and consumer expects to receive the message as normal unescaped XML. What JMeter does is it takes the body and escapes all XML characters and then it sends the message - this jams ...

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hi friends.. this is vamsi from india.. i have been working on jsp, java bean, xml, jms, message driven bean , ejb and database from last couple of days. but i am not able to retrieve data from fields in xml file to jms. can any one help me out in retrieving the data from xml to jms.. thanking you, vamsi. ...