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1. Problem with remote JMX connection and Notifications

I'm trying to follow one example from the Java API documentation ( related to the UsageThreshold property of the Memory Pool Beans and notifications. My intention is to do something every ...

2. Griffon JMX Plugin 0.3 don't work.(update descript)

Griffon JMX Plugin 0.3 don't work. anyone use this version error: no lib folder then i download the src, cp lib/griffon-jmx-addon-0.3.jar 2.create a service

class SmsManagerService {
    static expose = ['jmx:service=Country,type=special']

3. Logback Groovy Config to use JMX?

On Logback's documentation, they make putting JMX info into the XML file seem easy: But all their examples are using their XML configuration and I want to use Groovy. ...