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1. JMX in JBoss

Originally posted by Ayan Dutta: Can anybody provide me any sample code using MX4J api to connect to any MBean residing in JBoss 3.2.5 ? I am not getting any help on JBoss specific implementation. Regards, Ayan Dutta MX4J is just an implementation of the JMX API. So once you get access to an mbean server (or connector), then ...

2. JMX Requirements (JDK 5.0)

I am assuming that your MBean complies the specifications. Check the following- 1. Is the MBean to be monitored is registered with the MBean server? If not create an Agent which will register it with the MBean server (its not a separate server you need to install JDK can be used there). 2. Once registered and the MBean Server is up, ...

3. Using JMX for mail checking and doing an action

My requirement is that i need to monitor a mail id from a j2ee application and if any new mail comes, then i need to perform some action. i am using the Jboss application server. For monitoring the mailid, i am looking forward to use JMX, but not sure that these functionalities could be performed using JMX. please guide me.

4. using jmx to access and change files in system?

Hi all, I was wondering...can I use jmx to change the values in a property file on the server machine...this file however isnt in the deployment directory of the app is in the local system and is currently read as part of the script file that starts the app.server... Thanks Preetham

5. What are JMX Configuration required in WebpSphere5.0 with JDK1.4/Sample Pmirm.xml

Hi All I am using JMX mBeans in WebSphere5.0 with JDK1.4. am getting runtime exception, when I am trying to access mBeans through 2 approaches My Requirement is restart the MQListener in WAS5.0 Programmatically using JMX without restarting the Server 1)If you have any sample configured Pmirm.xml that will help me to get rid of my PmiClient Creation Exception at runtime ...

6. JMX

You're digging into a "not so common" subject, so it may be worth spending some time reading Campbell's link if you're so eager to know about JMX. It does not look that difficult after all. At least try the sample application. If you understand what it does, you'll understand when to use it.

7. JMX uses

9. What are the Positives and Negatives of using JMX and Reflection? When to use one over other?

A versus comparison between JMX and reflection makes little sense, because they're both very different technologies. The only way in which reflection relates to JMX is that both the JMX Server and JMX clients can make use of reflection, for instance to publish an MBean's methods (in case of the JMX Server).

10. Help with JMX and Netbeans Tutorial (Outdated or broken)

I didn't see a JMX Forum out here, so I am hope for help here. Good afternoon: I am working on a tutorial: Developing a Java Management Extensions (JMX) Manager and Connecting to a Remote JMX Agent Using NetBeans IDE 6.0 Exercise 5: Running the Manager Where, The given code was as follows: ***code deleted*** I am receiving the following ...

11. how to extract Bean ID in java for JMX

All, Is there a way to extract a Bean ID once the list of beans has been passed to another bean I have a JMXClient class, that takes a list of beans in its constructor Beans are Bean1 & Bean2

12. question about JMX

13. JMX: my attributes are shown as Unavailable and cannot be changed

Hello I had a simple example to getting start with JMX using Standard MBean with some basic attributes and everything was alright but now I have created a Model MBean with two attributes of type String and Integer. All the attributes and operations are shown and even my operation is working fine but those attributes' values are shown as Unavailable and ...

14. Using JMX

15. jmx html adapter

hello, In my project I am reporting some statistics by jmx html adapter on html. It has a default page with default layout like below. I want to change something on this html; 1)bypass the entrance page and directly pass to my main statistic page 2)want to add a combobox for service selection on that page can anybody tell me if ...

16. JMX cannot get connected, Maybe due wrong stub???

Hi all, I know that JMX connections issues are kind of common, however my problem is a bit more complex. My JMX client gets binded to the remote JMX server, I can see this trace taken with tcpdump: RMI JRMI, Version: 2, StreamProtocol When the client invokes a object, it looks like this: RMI JRMI, Call The ...

18. Need help in integrating JMX

I am developing a monitoring tool for our webhosted application. I have a skeleton structure of the application and one service to monitor HTTP status is implemented. I need to know about integrating JMX with my application. Googling only gave results to integrate with jconsole. I need to know if we can represent the JMX data in our own application. Also ...

19. SOA(Web Services) Vs JMX

20. JMX Question about managing multiple JVMs

Hello I am trying to manage multiple Java processes on serverside with JMX. I have AcitveMQ setup and I can specify in the activemq.xml config file: .... .... so the registry ist startet at port 10120 and the serviceport is 10135. the "stub" ist exportet with the name jmxrmione. I can connect tot ...

21. Jmx

22. jmx java

23. Install JMX agent service?

Hello, I am working on Linux (Ubuntu 9.10) which has JRE only (java version "1.6.0_10", Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_10-b33)). Now I want to use Jconsole to remote monitor the application running on this machine (Jconsole runs in another machine). I cannot install the whole J2SE (which already contains JXM service) on that machine. (I have already tried some attributes ...

24. JMX and Webservice

Hi, I am using JMX in my application which supports HTTP, RMI, CORBA, TL1 and SNMP protocols. Now I am planning to include SOAP as well. Looking at this scenario, I have the following questions: 1. Do I really need to support SOAP in JMX? The logic here is SOAP is already platform independent, so why not directly use webservices. 2. ...

26. Get local processes JMX

27. Access JMX AminServiceBean API Through Java code

public static void main(String[] args) { String jmxURL ="service:jmx:rmi:///jndi/rmi://lonrs00122:8080/jmxrmi"; try { // create a connection URL JMXServiceURL serviceURL = new JMXServiceURL(jmxURL); Hashtable env = new Hashtable(); // connect to the server JMXConnector connector = JMXConnectorFactory.connect(serviceURL); MBeanServerConnection connection = connector.getMBeanServerConnection(); System.out.println(" connection -- " + connection); System.out.println("Starting Connection"); connector.connect(); } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("ERROR: "+e.toString()); } } }

28. good JMX tutorial

29. Java 1.6 has Broken JMX

Hi, I am not sure but Java 1.6 has seems broken JMX feature for the Turkish regional setting (it works properly with Java 1.5). Just compile and execute the code snippet and try to connect application with jconsole, it gives 'Connection Lost: Reconnect?' error. But changing -Duser.language=tr param with -Duser.language=en will fix the problem. public class JMXTest { public static void ...

30. use java.util.Date in the JMX query