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1. How to configure JNDI for Jetty 7.0pre5

Hi I am getting this error when starting up Jetty that uses Mysql Connection Pool. Could someone help me out please?

[root@localhost test]# java -DOPTIONS=plus,ext.default -classpath %CLASSPATH% -jar /usr/src/jetty7/start.jar myjetty.xml
2008-12-20 18:24:08.138::INFO: ...

2. Jetty JNDI Java Mail

I am using Jetty 7 with JBoss Seam and have 2 Java Mail Sessions configured, one for support notifications and another for general notifications. The problem I am having appears to be ...

3. What JNDI environment properties do I use for Jetty?

I'm running jetty-6.1.7 and I've got an ActiveMQConnectionFactory that I'd like to reference in my spring configuration via a JNDITemplate. My jetty.xml configuration is vanilla:

   <New id="connectionFactory" class="">

4. Jetty jndi env javax.naming.NameNotFoundException

Hi I'm trying to migrate from Tomcat to Jetty. We have environment setting in jndi that i can't seem to get to work as a deployed app, even though the maven ...

5. Jetty: adding programmatically

I have a standalone application with embedded Jetty and Wicket.
I'd like to use CDI for injection. So I've found
and now I'm trying to add this programatically, but it's quite ...

6. Jetty 7: configuring JNDI for

Following Wicket 1.5's lead, I'm converting a project from Jetty 6.1.25 to 7.5.0.v20110901. My existing contains the following setup, which I use to configure JNDI:

    EnvConfiguration envConfiguration ...