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1. Using javax.naming.spi.DirObjectFactory to lookup objects from an LDAP    stackoverflow.com

I've implemented an object factory to lookup LDAP objects, but the supplied context does not return the DN (via nameCtx.getNameInNamespace()) from the LDAP. Am i doing it wrong in some way?

public ...

2. Access objects through JNDI from an external JVM in Atg Dyanmo Application Server    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to access some objects using JNDI from an external JVM in Atg Dyanmo Application Server. I am using the following code -

    import java.util.Hashtable;

3. ejb lookup failing with NamingException    stackoverflow.com

I've added the following in my web.xml:


4. Object reference lookup from JNDI results in ClassCastException    stackoverflow.com

I'm having problems calling EJB3 stateless bean outside the container. Code for getting the object reference:

Context envCtx = (Context) context.lookup("ejb");
MyObject o = (MyObject) envCtx.lookup(MyObject);
The second row results in exception:
java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.naming.Reference
I use JBoss.org ...

5. what does # character means in JNDI lookup?    stackoverflow.com

hi every one does any one know that "what does '#' character means in JNDI look up?" like:

helloUser = (HelloUser) ctx.lookup("HelloUser#ejb3inaction.example.HelloUser");
thanks a lot

6. How do I find out what SerialContextProvider I should use when performing a jndi lookup?    stackoverflow.com

Today I was presented with this exception

Caused by: javax.naming.NamingException: Unable to acquire SerialContextProvider for SerialContext  [Root exception is java.lang.NullPointerException]
        at com.sun.enterprise.naming.impl.SerialContext.getProvider(SerialContext.java:276)

7. ConnectionFactory NullPointerException    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to look up a WebSphere MQ Queue from my Standalone Java Class. I am running a JBoss Server AS in which I have configured the Websphere MQ Connectionfactory. ...

8. Instantiating directly vs JNDI lookup    stackoverflow.com

I've implemented EJB 2.0 session beans as POJOs behind an EJB facade. I wish to get a reference to Bean B from Bean A. Should I: a. Use ejb-ref and perform a JNDI ...

9. JNDI lookup NameNotFoundException    stackoverflow.com

I have a J2EE application (ear) with two modules - 1) an ejb-jar (MDB) module and 2) war module. The war module contains business logic that accesses the database. The war ...

10. Problem doing jndi lookup for EJB    stackoverflow.com

Im having trouble doing a lookup Project Structure: a dynamic web project (gss-web) and an EJB project (gss-ejb) deployed together inside an .ear (gss-ea) onto a jboss 6 server Exception: javax.naming.NamingException: Could not dereference object ...

11. JNDI lookup with Apache 2.2 mod_jk and JBoss 6?    stackoverflow.com

I would like to setup an environment where two JBoss instances have 2 different applications deployed where SOME SessionBeans share the same JNDI name. Whenever a JNDI name is available in ...

12. JNDI lookup JBoss Application Server 7    stackoverflow.com

How can I access remote EJB in Jboss AS 7? When I deploy application on Jboss AS 7 , I can see portable jndi names but unable to access using same ...

13. Why do I have to lookup an EJB stub per JNDI if it is already in the client class path?    stackoverflow.com

I'm confused about the use of JNDI to lookup EJB stubs. If I have an application server that doesn't dynamically download stubs and thus I have the stubs on the client ...

14. What is the relationship between java:comp/env and java:global?    stackoverflow.com

What is the relationship between java:comp/env and java:global (regarding 3.1 spec)?
Seems like java:comp/env contains specific to EJB references. What means "specific" in this case?

15. SessionContext.getBusinessObject() in EJB3 & JNDI lookup    stackoverflow.com

In EJB2, one needed to use getEJBBusinessObject() mehtod in a EJB to pass reference to itself when calling another (local/remote) bean. Does the same apply for EJB3? e.g.

public class MyBean implements MyBeanLocal ...

16. Performing a JNDI lookup in a JAXB XmlAdapter    stackoverflow.com

My project is a Java Enterprise project and consists of three modules:

  • Assembly (EAR)
    • EJB (JAR)
    • Web (WAR)
My domain model resides in the EJB. This includes a Manufacturer class and a Model class. A ...

17. EJB: Why do I get this error in JNDI lookup?    stackoverflow.com

InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext();
StatelessInterogareRemote beanStatelessRemote = (StatelessInterogareRemote) ctx
StatefulShopCartLocal beanStateful = (StatefulShopCartLocal) ctx
When I run the application, the error appears after the second ...

18. JNDI secure lookup    stackoverflow.com

I am working on JBoss Server but my question might be answered in general as well. So what I am looking for is to find a way to use customized JAAS ...

19. JNDI lookup by class    stackoverflow.com

We have a bunch of services (EJBs) that we want to lookup using the local or remote interfaces. It doesn't matter if we would potentially find more than one implementation since ...

20. JNDI lookup errors    forums.netbeans.org

We get the following error many times a day in our Glassfish 2.1 logs: NAM0004: Exception during name lookup : {0} com.sun.enterprise.connectors.ConnectorRuntimeException: This pool is not bound in JNDI : This ...

21. JNDI EJB3.1 lookup help    forums.netbeans.org

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:18 am Post subject: JNDI EJB3.1 lookup help Hi, I'm new to JavaEE, trying to develop small app in Netbeans 6.9 and bundled ...

22. Can't lookup JNDI    forums.netbeans.org

TblEmp tblEmpJndi TblEmpAddr tblEmpAddrJndi ...

23. EJBInvokerJob.EJB_JNDI_NAME_KEY exception on lookup    forums.terracotta.org

Hello people, I'm getting a JobExecutionException while trying to schedule a job using EJBInvokerJob. Here is my code: Code: StdSchedulerFactory factory = new StdSchedulerFactory(); Scheduler scheduler = factory.getScheduler(); scheduler.start(); JobDetail jobDetail = newJob(EJBInvokerJob.class).withIdentity( "Job.onDemandComputeFeeOnAccount", Scheduler.DEFAULT_GROUP) .build(); JobDataMap map = jobDetail.getJobDataMap(); map.put(EJBInvokerJob.EJB_JNDI_NAME_KEY, "java:comp/env/ejb/GestionCommission"); map.put(EJBInvokerJob.EJB_METHOD_KEY, "computeFeesOnAccount"); Object[] args = new Object[] { listFilesAndRecords }; map.put(EJBInvokerJob.EJB_ARGS_KEY, args); SimpleTrigger trigger = (SimpleTrigger) newTrigger().withIdentity( "SimpleTrigger.onDemandComputeFeeOnAccount", Scheduler.DEFAULT_GROUP).build(); ...

24. JNDI lookup of a clustered EJB hosted on WAS from standalone/JBOSS client    coderanch.com

Hi all, Please suggest a solution for following problem. Problem - Standalone JAVA client unable to access clustered EJBs hosted on WAS 5.x Description - Standalone JAVA client is unable to lookup EJB hosted in a clustered environment in WAS 5.x. The initial context lookup works in few of the cases below but the EJB lookup using the JNDI name doesn't ...

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26. JNDI lookup    coderanch.com

27. JNDI Lookup Problem    coderanch.com

Hi, In my sample application i am using JNDI to lookup for Data Source. It is getting it from context.xml. Now i want to create JUnit Test Cases, but it is unable to lookup the DataSource. Can you please tell me how i can look up JNDI data source from simple Java class. Thanks

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29. Unable to figure out this problem! jndi lookup exception.....    java-forums.org

Hello Everyone!!! Greetings for the Day!!! Am new to this forum and here, am posting my first query.....hope i get som help frm u ppl!!! This is the exception am getting while trying to connect to the database....dont undrstnd y it is nt able to identify the Bean...??? plsss help me out!!! Exception in thread "main" javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Unable to resolve 'ProjectBean' ...

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31. How to use JNDI lookup    forums.oracle.com

Hi , I am creating a POC for my project.Its using ATG and spring frameworks using RAD 6.first I have created ATG sample project in that same EAR file i created sample Spring project.Both are running in the same EAR. I want to use spring classes from ATG components to use those methods.that is i should pass parameters to spring project ...