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1. How to set a timeout during remote ejb lookup?

I'm trying to access a remote ejb which is not available yet. But the lookup takes 5 min before I get the NameNotFoundException. Is there a way I can set the ...

2. How to initialize ConnectionFactory for remote JMS queue when remote machine is not running?

Using JBoss 4.0.5, JBossMQ, and Spring 2.0.8, I am trying to configure Spring to instantiate beans which depend on a remote JMS Queue resource. All of the examples I've come across ...

3. Accesing an remote enterprise bean within a simple Java class

Here's my Java class

import endpoint.NewSessionRemote;
import javax.naming.Context;
import javax.naming.InitialContext;

public class HelloClient {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {

4. Code to list all the entries in jndi on remote machine

Can any one tell or point me to code to list all the jndi entries in a remote machine

5. Lookup of remote interface is not getting recognised in JBoss

The following code is used by IPMBaseBean.class for accessing remote interface .

Object obj = iniCtx.lookup("java:/comp/env/ejb/ODIControllerSessionEJB");
In jboss-web.xml jndi-name is refered as below
Naming exception 
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: comp not bound..
Please suggest on this issue. ...

6. Securing JNDI for remote clients on JBoss

Does anybody know how to secure the JNDI access for remote clients on JBoss? I know how to secure remote JMX invokers but even with that in effect it is still possile ...

7. Is portable jndi syntax (EJB3.1) available across machines?

I was reading about "Portable Global JNDI names" in several articles, here and there for example, but I was unable to understand whether this syntax only applies to inbound machine lookups ...

8. Unable to bind remote object through JNDI

We want to establish a jndi connection between 2 JBoss Servers. The primary objective is to call a class located remotely on server JBoss from the client JBoss. We are using - Service ...

9. Unable to make remote JNDI calls from my local EJBs

I am using jboss-5.0.1 GA. I am trying to invoke EJB deployed on remote JBoss server from my local EJB using JNDI. I have included the remote interfaces jar file in my local ...

10. bind remote object to JNDI tree

I want to create a JNDI tree in the same JVM with remote object, and then I have two problem: 1> Should I bind remote object or its stub to the JNDI tree? 2> How to look up the JNDI tree to get the binded stub from the client side? (Suppose server ip is I hope a gentleman would give ...