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1. Check LDAP connection (Java)

I'm using javax naming to connect to an LDAP database. Is there a good way to check if a connection is still valid? I'm looking for something really efficient here because it may ...

2. LDAP connection leak in this code

Could someone explain me why this piece of code randomly "leaks" LDAP connections? I can see the amount of established TCP/IP connections rising by time and at some stage this starts ...

3. Connection To Ldap

I need to write a peice of code in Java which will make a connection to LDAP and retrieve few values from there. I have no idea about LDAP, can anyone help ...

4. connection refuse error with LDAP?

I am trying to run following program:

package jndi;

import java.util.Hashtable;

import javax.naming.Context;
import javax.naming.InitialContext;
import javax.naming.NamingException;

 * @author Ashish Tyagi
public class LDAPRead {


5. How to handle LDAP connection?

I'm trying to implement the following: I have an Importer class which registers so called Processors, and then executes them by iterating over them and calling execute (Processor is an interface and ...

6. LDAP Connection

7. Java ldap connection problem

Hello to all, Since 4 years that i'm using LDAP in my intranet to authenticate the users with active directory. Since 2 weeks that (and i don't know why) this code and connection is not working so well. Sometimes the connection don't start and i don't have permissions. If i restart the TOmcat (not always) the authentication starts well but again ...

8. JVM LDAP connection pool size fluctuates unexpectedly

Hi, I'm trying to test out the Java virtual machine connection pool mechanism and seem to be getting some weird results. I'm creating 10000 threads and then bombarding an LDAP server with searches using these threads. We're trying to test out using connection pooling to see if it provides better performance than without connection pooling. From what I understand, the way ...