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1. List the root contexts in LDAP

I would like to list or search the root context(s) in a LDAP tree. I use Apache Directory Server and Java:

    Hashtable<String, String> contextParams = new Hashtable<String, String>();

2. exception - java access ldap server once the ldap server has been restarted

I have the next problem , I get a context from the LDAP setting Up JNDI Environment properties for the InitialContext as it showed below. Then I restart the ldap server, ...

3. Is it possible to manage ldap contexts in jboss?

In the same way that JBoss can manage jdbc data sources can it manage LDAP contexts using JNDI?

4. Find BASE DN from LDAP directory context object

I have directory context for LDAP but i need to find out the BASE DN from that directory context object. I have following code to get Directory context object,

// Configure our directory context ...

5. Ldap - Cannot disconnect null context

I am trying to load test using LDAP Extended Requests with a very tight loop of thread bind, search test, thread unbind. JMeter 2.3.2 is running on Windows XP and I am running a single thread. I noticed two things with this test that concern me. 1. When I get to 3942 open ldap connections (netstat -na | ...