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1. DirContext search array with multiple parameters

I'm trying to search in a LDAP server all the users that have some profiles. So far I'm able to get all the users with a profile, but I'm unable to ...

2. Java LDAP search returns partial subdomain entries

I'm having some problem searching through our test AD using LDAP. The Active directory domain has a subdomain. I use PagedResultsControl to enumerate the users in pages. I ask users in bunch of 1000. The ...

3. ldap search in java - finding all groups with a specific user in it

Given the below ldap structure (more or less)

I use the following url= ldap://server:port/o=mydomain,C=NO Then I can retrieve basically the entire tree with a search somewhat like this:
NamingEnumeration results ="cn=groups", "cn=*", constraints);
where ...

4. LDAP Not Finding Objects from Search

First, I am new to LDAP and coding using LDAP. I have a simple issue that I am trying to debug within LDAP. I have spent the last 24 ...

5. LDAP search in java: DN contains ,

I'm currently running into issues when searching for entries the DN contains ',':

StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(dn, "=");
Attributes searchAttributes = new BasicAttributes(st.nextToken(), st.nextToken());
Enumeration results =, searchAttributes);

if (results.hasMoreElements()) {
  // ...

6. LDAP Extended Request - Search

The LDAP Extended Request when set to 'Search test' does not return the results of the LDAP query. Can anyone give me more information on how I can get the results returned? Here's what I have set: - Search test - Search Base - ou=locator, - Search Filter: (&(priid=${user})) - Scope: Perform Subtree Search ...

7. Q: LDAP Extended Request (ALPHA) - Search Response Status

8. LDAP advanced search

I am using IBM tivoli, in my java programming I need get the members from several DNs per the login user. I had several trips to LDAP to make this happen which is slow. Is it possible in LDAp can do one call to get everything back? now my LDAp tree structure is like this: I have a list groups, inside ...

9. LDAP - searching cached data

Hi folks. I need to modify an existing application to integrate with an LDAP server. One of the things my code needs to do is search LDAP entries, using a search filter. For example: NamingEnumeration results =, "(|(objectClass=group)", null); This works just fine. My problem is that we can't afford to hit the LDAP server every time this search needs ...