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1. How do I create a new log4j ConsoleAppender in code as opposed to config?

I want to programmatically create a new log4j ConsoleAppender and add it as an appender to a logger - how do I go about instantiating one properly - using the following ...

2. If FileAppender fails, revert to ConsoleAppender

With log4j, I'd like to revert to a ConsoleAppender if the FileAppender has problems writing to the specified log file. This means catching a FileNotFoundException or an IOException and switching to ...

3. Configuration Log4j: ConsoleAppender to System.err?

I saw that one of our tools uses a ConsoleAppender to System.err next to System.out in it's log4j configuration. Fragments of the configuration:

<appender name="CONSOLE" class="org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender">

4. ConsoleAppender issue

I expirience an issue with log4j ConsoleAppender: if I initialize it like this:

ConsoleAppender ca = new ConsoleAppender();
ca.setLayout(new PatternLayout(PatternLayout.TTCC_CONVERSION_PATTERN));
it gives an error and breaks the logging tout-court:
log4j:ERROR No output stream or ...

5. Log4j Root ConsoleAppender

I am defining Console Appender for Root Logger as

BasicConfigurator.configure(new ConsoleAppender(layout, "System.err"));
But somehow log messages down the hierarchy are not reaching console. How can someone override the root ConsoleAppender?

6. LOG4J Deadlock On ConsoleAppender

LOG4J seems to lock my consoleappender. If my consoleappender is locked by LOG4J, would also succeeding threads have a hard time writing to my stout and stderr? How many threads at a ...

7. log4j.ConsoleAppender to a text file