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1. Trimming the Log4J Message

I have an appender that I only want the first X characters (for this example, we'll say 5) of the message to display. I am using a PatternLayout but I can't get ...

2. Log4j for Message Driven Beans

So, here's my problem:
I have a message driven bean X and would like to make use of Logger in X's onMessage() method. Lets presume that I have a single instance ...

3. Why does log4j default to outputting the "No appenders could be found" message rather than outputting to stdout?

I have long wondered why log4j defaults to outputting an error message when there is no A reasonable default to stdout or stderr would make more sense. Is there a ...

4. How can I decrypt the Messages sent from log4j over a socket?

can someone tell me how to decrypt the messages I get at the socket from I tried the Chainsaw-sources but I didn't find anything there :/ Or where does the message in ...

5. How do I turn off warning messages in httpclient for log4j?

I have the following in my log4j file

#set httpclient debug levels,stdout 
but I'm still getting warnings when I run my httpclient code... am I missing something? thanks!
WARN [pool-1-thread-69] ( ...

6. log4j log message during log4j initialization

I was trying to setup log4j (xml based) configuration, Use LevelRangeFilter, as described in the official site. Everything is fine so far, except log4j spit out its own log ...

7. redirecting log4j messages from a method to a different log file

Right now i use log4j in its plain vanilla/out-of-the-box form. I've a file in the class path and various logger messages littered across the web application. Now i'm interested in ...

8. Log4j messages containing (?:method:?) instead of class name

My log4j messages are not including the class names:

[INFO] 22:41 (?: decodeDirectory :?)
Any idea why that would be so? reads like so:
log4j.rootLogger=INFO, logfile, console

log4j.appender.logfile.layout.ConversionPattern=[%5p] %d{mm:ss} (%F:%M:%L)%n%m%n%n

log4j.appender.console.layout.ConversionPattern=[%5p] %d{mm:ss} (%F:%M:%L)%n%m%n%n

9. Get live Log4J messages

How do I get what is being written by log4j in central class which monitors all log4j logs in the application? Thanks Edit: I wish I would not have to read it from ...

10. log4j displaying log messages using %p

now for a particular log message for the %p sign i wil get either debug or error or warning. can anyone tel me how to get only the first three letters. ...

11. log4j alternative to Logger.log(Priority priority, Object message)

I want to have just one method to log all my exceptions and I want to pass that method the level (Priority) to log the message. Currently I'm doing:

Object[] extraParams = _exceptionToErrorType.get(exceptionName);
logger.log((Priority)extraParams[0], ...

12. Log4j - Force log message parameters

I am trying to force the detail within log4j messages as opposed to just a string. Ultimately I would like to have something like:"component", "error code", " error message"); I may even ...

13. log4j not logging messages from classes other than main

I'm trying to figure out how to get log4j working in my project. I have 2 classes, one named testWithMain.TestSectionSplit and the other named search.SectionScanner. In TestSectionSplit I call

Logger log = ...

14. c# how to read log4j log message

I have a pattern from my log4j config file "%-10.10X{server} %-4.4X{user} %d{ISO8601} <%c><%p> %m%n" I want to read the message and retrieve each component based on that regular expression. The message looks ...

15. log4j log only messages from specific class in file

In a external file I would like to log the output of my class to a specific file but whats happening is its appending the console log as well as ...

16. Log4j logging info messages without logging warn messages

I'm trying to log certain info messages onto a file but as soon as I run the application both warn and info messages are logged. Now, from what I've read from ...

17. Can I write multiple messages to a database using log4j?

Pretty new to all this so excuse any beginner mistakes. I was wondering if I was able to get log4j to write multiple messages to the same db record in a single ...

18. Redirect xsl:message to log4j

I am using SaxonJ to perform XSLT transformation from Java. My XSLT files have to output any debug/info as output since my transformation logic is complex. Is there a way in which ...

19. LOG4J: Modify logged message using custom appender

For security reasons, I need to look at every logged message in my app and possibly modify it before it goes to the log file. I figured I could write a ...

20. how to avoid log4j warning messages

I have put both jar files log4j-1.2.8.jar,commons-logging-1.0.4.jar on $TOMCATHOME$/common/lib as well as myapp/WEB-INF/lib can you remove log4j-1.2.8.jar and commons-logging-1.0.4.jar from $TOMCATHOME$/common/lib and just place them in myapp/WEB-INF/lib and give it a try (make sure you have the in myapp/WEB-INF/classes). My guess is that, when you place the jars in $TOMCATHOME$/common/lib, tomcat is trying to use log4j for its own logging ...

21. are all log4j messages going over the socket?

23. rediecting stdout messages to log4j

I would strongly recommend against putting the GC in the same logs as you have log4j writing to. I can not think of a quicker way to clog up make a log file difficult to read. You can configure what log the GC gets logged into though. It is a option used to configure the JVM when starting it. We use ...

24. Log4j messages!!!

25. Log4j messages!!!

26. Log4j messages!!!