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1. How can I configure log4j to not print the exception stacktrace?

We use Log4j (and Commons Logging) to log our error messages. Now we want to set up an additional log appender that outputs fatal errors to syslog, but without the exceptionally ...

2. log4j prints all levels

I've got log4j configured on my Java project with the following

log4j.rootLogger=WARNING, X

log4j.appender.X.layout.ConversionPattern=%p %m %n****.services.clarity.dao.impl=WARNING****.services.clarity.controller=WARNING********.services.clarity.feeds.impl=WARNING
As configured, it should only print WARNING messages, however it prints all levels to DEBUG. any ideas where ...

3. What is the length of Java log4j's log message's max length? How to print it in a single line?

In log4j default logging configuration, each line of log message which is printed in server log has maximum length comes around 8221 characters. If it exceeds this length, it is printed ...

4. Printing the "source" class in a log statement with a log4j wrapper

My application has a homebrew logging class that I'm migrating to using log4j under the covers. However, since I'm using the homebrew class to pass the rest of the application's logging ...

5. Printing context root in loggers Log4j

I want to print loggers along with context root. For example my loggers printing in console as below.

INFO  [MandatoryAdapter] Ends - validateData
Now I want as below.
INFO [APPLICATION_NAME] [MandatoryAdapter] Ends - ...

6. Log4j does not print stack trace

I catch NullPointerException but log4j does not print stack trace, I aspect number of line of exception occurred etc. what is wrong? My log

20110412-101042,317[ Timer-7][R] Exception while processing for value: ...

7. How to make log4j record to a file and print to console

I can make the log to go the console but I cant seem to make it go to a log file. Here is my properties file.

log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, LOG , stdout
log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=%5p %d{d/MM/yy HH:mm:ss}:%m%n
# ...

8. log4j:Appender to print the log Statements

Hello sir: When server is started ,the log files print the output can i print the log files ...

9. Want to make "System.out.println()" to print message to log4j

our project uses System.out.println() or System.err.println() to output debugging message. Now we want to use log4j to direct these output to log files not just console. To avoid impact or risk, ...

10. log4j prints wrong characters

Somebody reports me that the program I gave him that uses log4j doesn't correctly print characters. He tells me that "é" gets printed in the file as "é" (for example: "Vidéo" ...

11. What is more efficient for printing logs with log4j String or StringBuilder

Guys I have lot of logs printing in my small java utility,so just thought of this question, if its a very big system and efficiency matters, and if we have lot ...

12. Log4J not printing line number

14. log4j print turn off