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1. Disabling Log4J Output in Java    stackoverflow.com

How can one quickly turn off all Log4J output using a log4j.properties file?

2. Why does log4j disable stack trace after (lots of) repetition of the same exception?    stackoverflow.com

At one of our customer installations we had thousands of occurrences of the same exception. After a lot of well logged stacktraces (9332) the occurrence of the exception is still logged, ...

3. How can I disable log4j RollingFileAppender buffering for a demo?    stackoverflow.com

I have a Java programming lab-exercise in a course with students that I'd like to artificially write to disk in an inefficient manner. What I thought would be a mildly ...

4. How to disable the debug logging of class using log4j?    stackoverflow.com

In my log4j.xml, i am having

<logger name="java.sql">
   <level value="DEBUG" />
But using this, it also enables the logging for the interface Resultset. If i want to disable the ...

5. Is it possible to disable traces printed to console in JBoss 5.1?    stackoverflow.com

By default there are two appenders in JBoss5.1 - CONSOLE and FILE.
Do we need to use both of these appenders in production?
Is it possible to use FILE appender only? I ...

6. How to disable log4j in 3rd party jar?    stackoverflow.com

I'm experimenting writing a java SE swing application using joss weld. Weld configures logging with log4j using the following log4j.xml file in the jar:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!DOCTYPE log4j:configuration SYSTEM "log4j.dtd">


7. How to disable LogLog for specific appender    stackoverflow.com

Right now we have an appender similar to...

<appender name="email" class="org.apache.log4j.net.SMTPAppender">
When the appender fails ...

8. How to disable any log for a thread    stackoverflow.com

I am using org.apache.log4j.Logger for logging and I am developing a jsp just for monitoring purposes. This jsp is using classes that write logs (INFO level) not interesting for this monitoring, but ...

9. How can I disable Apache Commons / Log4J logging in third party libraries?    stackoverflow.com

Is there a Apache Commons / Log4J logging API method which can be used to disable all logging completely, even for loggers which are in third party libraries? Background: I would like ...

10. Disable logging of apache HTTP Client?    stackoverflow.com

I am writing an application in which I am uploading a file using HTTP protocol to a server. Everything is working fine and I am able to upload the file, I ...

11. slf4j/log4j: disabling console output when console is inappropriate    stackoverflow.com

I'm starting a JVM programmatically with ProcessBuilder. For clarity let's call the JVM that uses ProcessBuilder JVM A and the one it starts JVM B. JVM B uses slf4j/log4j ...

12. Disable log4j console logging and enable file logging    stackoverflow.com

My log4j.properties file is:

log4j.rootLogger=WARN, stdout, file
log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=%d [%t] %p [%c] - %m%n

log4j.appender.file.layout.ConversionPattern=%d [%t] %p [%c] - %m%n

log4j.logger.info.release.scheduler=INFO, scheduler

13. Disable logging in log4j for jasper report    stackoverflow.com

I have created a java application in which a report is to be generated. The report is made in iReports 3.7.5. The problem is that my application uses log4j to log ...

14. disabling log4j in the common jar file    stackoverflow.com

I have problem with log4j.xml. I am using one common jar in my standalone application. The commom jar has its own log4j.xml file. The problem is my Unix server is ...

15. how can I disable output to log4j.rootLogger?    stackoverflow.com

I want to disable the output to the console when logging to file. See config-file below:


log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{ABSOLUTE} %5p %c{1}:%L --- %m%n

log4j.appender.R.Append = true
log4j.appender.R.layout.ConversionPattern=%m[%d{MM-dd HH:mm:ss}]%n
when I using:
this log print to stdout ...

16. log4j class logger disabling    java-forums.org

17. How to disable log4j via configuration file    forums.oracle.com

Howdy, I am using the quartz library which uses log4j, how can I disable log4j in my release version? where can I find a sample configuration file to disable log4j? TBH i am not sure if its actually running as i am not pointing it to config, i get these warnings: log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool). log4j:WARN ...

18. log4j help: disabling org.apache.commons.digester.Digester logs    forums.oracle.com

public class checkRequest { private static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(checkRequest.class); public static void main(String args[]){ String REMENV = args[0]; logger.debug("Here is some DEBUG"); if(args.length > 1) { String requestID = args[1]; } ARServerUser server = null; if(REMENV.equals("TEST")) { logger.debug("Connecting to Test remedy"); server = new ARServerUser("Demo", "r3m3dy", "", "rearsyst01"); } server.logout(); } } ========================= 2009-01-25 21:27:51,230 DEBUG [main] checkRequest (checkRequest.java:16) - ...