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1. Log4j SMTPAppender

I have some problems trying to play with SMTPAppender. Here is my property file concerning the SMTPAppender :

#Email config
#defines how often emails are send
log4j.appender.mail.Subject="Application.log error occurred"
log4j.appender.mail.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %5p [%c] %n%m%n
When I ...

2. Log4J SMTP digest/aggregate emails?

I have a JBOSS batch application that sometimes sends hundreds on emails in a minute to the same email address with Log4J errors. This causes problems with Gmail, because it ...

3. use log4j to send email reports

I'm trying to use log4j to send emailable reports that contain the logging statements from a background process. I want one email sent for each process run, not one email ...

4. emailing from log4j

I currently email errors logged through log4j with:

<appender name="email" class="">
    <param name="SMTPHost" value="localhost"/>
    <param name="From" value=""/>
    <param name="To" value=""/>

5. Mechanism to email log entries from log4j output

Have had some trouble with log4j's SMTPAppender not emailing INFO log entries, I think I've solved that. But now I'm curious if that's the best solution. I'm very frequently ...

6. Log4j email error "Cannot find java.home ??"

I'm using log4j under J2SE. I've configured it to use a mailer for a certain type of log event.. When the logger.error triggers I get the following exception:

java.lang.Error: Can't find java.home ...

7. with SMTPAppender I receive only ERROR and not INFO type of log items

I've configured an SMTPAppender into my Java app.

<appender name="AdministratorEmail" class="">
  <param name="Threshold" value="info" />
  <param name="BufferSize" value="512" />
  <param name="SMTPHost" value="smtp.sss.intranet" />
  <param name="From" value="adminEbookMaker@sss.intranet" />

8. Can I throttle exception emails from log4j?

I have a java process (inside tomcat) that uses log4j to log to files and send mails for exceptions. This works very well until the other day a piece of code ...

9. extending TriggeringEventEvaluator (log4j) and supplying properties for it in config

this interface is used by SMTPAppender class in log4j. It has a method which returns a status (if to trigger an email alert or not) The problem is that i want to ...

10. How can I dynamically change the email subject using Log4J SMTPAppender?
I am using the above mentioned log4j property file to send email when I do
log.error("Error message");
How do I be able to make it dynamic so that the message subject can ...

11. log4j Custom Mail Appender to send emails with file attachments

I have an overridden log4j SMTPAppender which is responsible for sending emails with file attachments. I have a private member variable which holds the list of file attachments. And before sending ...

12. trigger email to different ids depend on loglevel

I created an application with different levels of logging. Now I got into a situation to log errors to dev team and fatal to dev and admin. here is the code ...

13. Email log4j errors to different groups

Am using log4j for my error reporting. Ive set my log 4j to also append errors to emails. However i need it to send emails to separate groups depending on the ...

14. error using log4j smtp appender- portions of the log are being sent as different emails

I am using log4j in a desktop java application. The appender I am using is to use GMAIL as my smtp email a/c provider The appender is connecting to gmail successfully, the problem ...

15. Jboss log4j SMPT appender sending one lin of stack trace in per email

I'm using the SMTP appender in jboss-log4j.xml to send errors via email, sometimes it just gets crazy and start sending one line of stack trace per email and the email trafic ...

16. email attachments using log4j.smtpAppender

can i trigger an email with attachment(log files) using the log4j.smtpAppender. I'm currently using this appender to trigger emails for error and fatal level exceptions. Can I add the log file in ...

17. Log4j HTML email

18. email via log4j

i am using log4j to email various errors in my web application. But i can do it only for the errors found at server level. I want to refine the case and want to configure the thing on the package level.Please help me out. For example if error at hibernate occurs a mail is fired to me, if error occurs at ...