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1. In log4j, is there a way to log errors based on timestamp?

log4j is logging errors based on level. Is there a way to log errors based on timestamp?

2. Log4j Maximum String Length OR Java String Concatenation Error?

Running on Solaris 10, I am having problems when I hit a LOG.debug statement using an Apache Log4j logger. The basic scenario is demonstrated in the following code block:

public class ...

3. Getting no class def found error. Log4J -> Java

I created a simple web application and added log4J's jar in my lib folder and it seems to work fine. Then i created a Ejb module and did the same thing ...

4. Warning in System.out when an error is logged in a custom log file

currently we're running quite a few applications on our WebSphere Portal Server, and most of the have their own log-file, so the System.out won't be too overloaded. However, once an error ...

5. log4j configuration file error detection

I'm currently writing a logger utilizing log4j. Once I load in a or a log4j.xml file, I was wondering if there was a way to detect if the logger configuration ...

6. LogLevel.INFO printed as ERROR [STDERR] in Jboss log, what is wrong?

I´ve been using MyEclipse to reverese engineer some database tables to EJBs. In this process, MyEclipse creates a class called LogUtil, which looks like this:

public class LogUtil {

private static final Logger ...

7. "log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly" error

I have a web application, in which one of the JSPs contain:

PropertyConfigurator.configure(System.getenv("MY_HOME") + "/cfg/");
I double-checked that MY_HOME is setup The Tomcat web server says:
log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (
log4j:WARN ...

8. log4j: log4j:ERROR Attempted to append to closed appender named [stdout]

What is meant by "Attempted to append to closed appender " ? The following is a small part of my log4j.xml file

    <appender name="stdout" class="org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender">
    <param ...

9. log4j API to log errors

I am running REST web service on Tomacat 6.0.32. I am using log4j API to log errors or anything else. Basically you only need to include this line of code

static ...

10. log4j: errors to an errorFile

I have a class which events I want to log. Say, there are 2 levels: debug and error. How can I log errors to an errorFile and debug info to a ...

11. Is there a way to write L.e(...) instead of Logger.getLogger(getClass()).error(...)?

Is there a way to write L.e(...) instead of Logger.getLogger(getClass()).error(...)?

// A foolish simple implementation
public class L {
    public static void e(String msg) {

12. log4j:ERROR Error occured while converting date

I found this exception in my logs:

log4j:ERROR Error occured while converting date. java.lang.NullPointerException at java.lang.System.arraycopy(Native Method) at java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder.getChars( ...

13. log4j error message in repast simphony - batch run

when starting my Repast Simphony Model in Batch run I get this error message:

log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (
log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
The answer here concerning ...

14. log4j:ERROR Attempted to append to closed appender named [..]

I am getting following errors on my console repeatedly

log4j:ERROR Attempted to append to closed appender named [ConsoleAppender].
log4j:ERROR Attempted to append to closed appender named [FixedWindowRollingFile].

used log4j.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE log4j:configuration SYSTEM "log4j.dtd">
<log4j:configuration ...

15. How to log HTTP errors in java

I am working on Spring 3. I am going to integrate Log4j in my Application, Can I log the HTTP error like 404, 505 etc in my log file, because that errors ...

16. log4j:ERROR

Hi, I'm using log4j in my application..I could log things properly but the PropertyConfigurator is throwing Exception... The controllerServlet that this error points out is the PropertyConfigurator configuration....Pls help me out on this The error that i got was log4j:ERROR Category option "n" not a decimal integer. java.lang.NumberFormatException: n at java.lang.Integer.parseInt( at java.lang.Integer.parseInt( at org.apache.log4j.helpers.PatternParser.extractPrecisionOption( at org.apache.log4j.helpers.PatternParser.finalizeConverter( at org.apache.log4j.helpers.PatternParser.parse( at org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout.setConversionPattern( ...

17. i am getting error in log4j.anyone can please reply me?

i am getting following errors. i am not able to figure out this error. Because of that the class file is already in appropriate directory structure. please reply me . The error is: log4j:ERROR Could not instantiate class [com.atroad.util.log.RoadPatternLayout]. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.atroad.util.log.RoadPatternLayout at com.evermind._as.findClass(.:417) at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass( at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass( at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClassInternal( at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method) at java.lang.Class.forName( at org.apache.log4j.helpers.OptionConverter.instantiateByClassName(Optio at org.apache.log4j.helpers.OptionConverter.instantiateByKey(OptionConve at ...

19. Problem in Log4j ...log4j:ERROR Error occured while converting date

Hi All, When i am updating some records(say 3000) through java code, then after all the transaction gets comitted, i am get the follows exception and system getting stopped. The Exception error is as follows: log4j:ERROR Error occured while converting date. java.lang.NullPointerException at java.lang.System.arraycopy(Native Method) at java.lang.AbstractStringBuilder.getChars(Unknown Source) at java.lang.StringBuffer.getChars(Unknown Source) at org.apache.log4j.helpers.ISO8601DateFormat.format( at java.text.DateFormat.format(Unknown Source) at org.apache.log4j.helpers.PatternParser$DatePatternConverter.convert( at org.apache.log4j.helpers.PatternConverter.format( at ...

21. log4j error

22. why log4j error while running application?

The log4j configuration file( log4j.xml or is not found in the classpath. Placing the log4j configuration file in the applications classpath should solve the issue.As far as Eclipse is concerned you configure it by Window - Preferences... - Java - Build Path - User Libraries - New(Give some name) add the log4j.jar file. Have you configured it correctly?

24. NoClassDefFound error -> log4J -> ejbmodule

25. log4j and logging method name where the error was thrown

logger.fatal("Serious Exception in getMyAccount method" , exception); wondering if there is any quick way to get the method without me doing like below } catch (IOException e) { StackTraceElement elements[] = e.getStackTrace(); for (int i = 0, n = elements.length; i < n; i++) { logger.log("Serious Exception in " + elements.getMethodName()) ,e); } }

26. log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true) call failed on solaris

log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true) call failed. /opt/nortel/logs/mjm/traces/20080822.log (Permission denied) at Method) at at at org.apache.log4j.FileAppender.setFile( at org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender.setFile( at org.apache.log4j.FileAppender.activateOptions( at com.nortel.oam.mjm.logging.DatestampedRollingFileAppender.activateOptions( at org.apache.log4j.config.PropertySetter.activate( at org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator.parseAppender( at org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator.findAppenderByName( at org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator.findAppenderByReference( at org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator.parseChildrenOfLoggerElement( at org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator.parseRoot( at org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator.parse( at org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator.doConfigure( at org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator.doConfigure( at org.apache.log4j.xml.DOMConfigurator.doConfigure( at com.nortel.oam.mjm.logging.osgi.impl.Log4jXMLWatchdog.doOnChange( at org.apache.log4j.helpers.FileWatchdog.checkAndConfigure( at org.apache.log4j.helpers.FileWatchdog.( at com.nortel.oam.mjm.logging.osgi.impl.Log4jXMLWatchdog.( at com.nortel.oam.mjm.logging.osgi.impl.Log4jDOMConfigurator.configureAndWatch( at com.nortel.oam.mjm.logging.osgi.impl.Log4jDOMConfigurator.configureAndWatch( at com.nortel.oam.mjm.logging.osgi.impl.Activator.start( at org.knopflerfish.framework.BundleImpl.start0( at org.knopflerfish.framework.PermissionOps.callStart0( ...

28. log4j error

29. log4j error