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Hi : I have used log4j for looging error log using FileAppender. The problem is its logging the same error two times in a log file when the below situation Case1:

Class1 :

public ...

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I am a pretty new user of Log4J v. 1.2.15, as a friend of mine convinced me of the advantages over console or other forms of logging. However, as i was ...

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I want to redirect only stacktrace of uncaught exception from console to log file. The rest of the things should appear on console as usual.

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I am new to Java World. We have Java applicaton where it gives a specfic type of exception is there any way we can have log4j to react to specific way. ...

5. log4j exception handling problem    stackoverflow.com

I have a class which initializes my log4j. This code will never print or exit, I dont understand why.

public class MyLog

   private static Logger log;


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Im getting in instantiation exception inf our Myfaces 2 application. But the exception printing through log4j is cutting off the rest of the stacktrace. Here is what I am seeing:


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I've got a code base that has been working for months, today i deployed an update to a customer site and I've started getting the following Exception:

Exception in thread ...

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I'm using eclipse, apache tomcat 6.0.32, Struts, Hibernate and obviously, log4j - which seems to be causing the problem. Since I'm really new to all of these technologies, I am unsure ...

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I created a CustomExceptionClass that its messages are from a configuration file and are a friendlier message to the user. Then I want to log wich exception was thrown because, if ...

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I'm trying to better understand exception handling and logging in a j2ee environment to refactor some legacy code (we use log4j for our logging mechanism). Most of our current code does ...

11. Find log statements which loose exception stacktrace    stackoverflow.com

I came across code written by somebody which caught some exception and tried logging that as ERROR without printing stacktrace. I expected below usage

log.error("message", exception);
However it was
How to catch such coding ...

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Exceptions are thrown to allow a program to handle an error condition. Logging an error is for a person (a developer or operations support person) to have a record of the fact that something went wrong and for use in troubleshooting and debugging. You may also need to log it for auditing and or legal reasons in some cases. (Often you ...