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1. Organizing logs with log4j

I'm currently working on a Linux daemon written in Java. What is the common naming scheme for logs? Right now I'm thinking of doing something like: DEBUG = /var/log/myapp.debug
INFO = /var/log/
WARN ...

2. How to clear server.log in JBoss?

How to clear server.log in JBoss when JBoss is running? when I try to do

echo  1>server.log
I get error msg that file is being used by other app(JBoss). Is it ...

3. Linux-Java logs rotating using log4j or logrotate.d

I have a Spring project using log4j on Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and RHEL). Now I would like to implement best practice logs rotation for the log4j generated logs. I have previously used ...

4. Standalone Java App dies after a few days

We have a Java App that connects via RMI to another Java app. There are multiple instances of this app running at the same time, and after a few days an instance ...

5. in linux,how to create jar files with including external jars and log4j.propeties file using ant

i want to create jar file with external jars and file using ant.i am having only source code alone. Please let me know how to do this. Thanks in advance.

6. Logging command line arguements into log4j

Inside my java code, I have created scenarios where certain shell commands are executed, infact specifically the -scp- and -mv- commands are executed. Is it possible to log the results of the ...