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1. Java Logging vs Log4J    stackoverflow.com

is it still worth to add the log4j library to a Java 5 project just to log let's say some exceptions to a file with some nice rollover settings. Or will the standard ...

2. Logging activities in multithreaded applications    stackoverflow.com

I have a layered application in Java which has a multi thread data access layer which is invoked from different points. A single call to this layer is likely to spawn ...

3. Java Log Viewer    stackoverflow.com

Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to debug a program is by going through its long log files. I searched for a decent log viewer for a while now, and haven't found ...

4. Subcribe via RSS for log4j logs?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to subscribe to a url with log4j logs? I understand that many applications do have daily error logs notification by email. But a problem with this approach is that ...

5. Logging conventions    stackoverflow.com

What conventions do you use for log categories in log4j or similar libraries ? Usually you see class names as categories, but have you used other systems ? What about log levels ? ...

6. How do I make log4j clear a log at startup?    stackoverflow.com

I want the log to roll over as long as the application is running, but I want the log to start fresh when the application is restarted. Updated: Based on erickson's feedback, ...

7. Will there be a Log4J 2.0 release (and if so, when)?    stackoverflow.com

It seems like v2 of Log4j has been in development for literally years. The Apache Log4J site no longer lists a roadmap, the dev mailing list seems almost ...

8. Logging to temporary directory in a cross-platform manner    stackoverflow.com

I have an application for which log4j logging is configured in a log4j.properties file. Currently, this application runs on UNIX and creates a log file in /tmp. This application ...

9. Is there a log4j equivalent for VBScript?    stackoverflow.com

I need to instrument a series of .wsf and .vbs files with debug statements; before I go off and roll my own, does something like log4j exist for WSF/VBScript?

10. Strategies for logging to application logs from library code?    stackoverflow.com

Where I work we use Log4j for web application logging. The log4j.jar is at the application level, not the container level. We're using a daily rolling file appender. ...

11. Find a way in the java logging frameworks scene    stackoverflow.com

Hey to all Java has a lot of frameworks / APIs that help you do logging in your application:

  1. The Java API has java.util.logging package.
  2. Apache's Log4j.
  3. Apache's Commons Logging.
  4. SLF4J (logging Facade).
  5. jLo. and many many ...

12. Is there a log4j or commons logging extension or other logging framework that is designed for Java 5 or higher?    stackoverflow.com

Java 5 has introduced many features that can be make logging statements less cluttering, such as variable number of arguments and printf. That can alleviate all the message building code that ...

13. log4j extra logging arguments    stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a (internal) library where I want to enforce that developers using this lihrary include a text ID when logging error or fatal level messages. Without modifying log4j, what we ...

14. Logging Java web applications?    stackoverflow.com

I am planning to implement logging into a web application that I am currently working on but I am struggling with some of the details. What is the best way to ...

15. repeated logging in log 4j in java    stackoverflow.com

I used log4j in a java program. I initialized it with :

BasicConfigurator.configure(); // logger configuration
try {
} catch (Exception e) {
     System.out.println("Logfile not ...

16. How can I setup my BlazeDS implementation with Log4J?    stackoverflow.com

I'm writing a Flex app on top of a Java web application using BlazeDS. BlazeDS has logging inside of it, but I want to set it up to Use the ...

17. structured/combined logging with Log4J    stackoverflow.com

I hope you can help me. I have a web service that needs to log transactions. Since there are many hits, the log statements appears disjoint/fragmented in the log file. I've considered passing ...

18. Enable Logging Log4j for certain users    stackoverflow.com

In the log4j.properties file I've set the Level to ERROR. For certain users I need to set Level to DEBUG. I was able to change the Logging Level at run time; ...

19. Logging in Java and in general: Best Practices?    stackoverflow.com

Sometimes when i see my logging code i wonder if i do it right. There might be no definitive answer to that, but i've folling concerns: Library Classes: I have several library classes ...

20. log4j category    stackoverflow.com

I have the following on my log4j.properties

log4j.rootLogger = debug, stdout, fileLog

log4j.appender.stdout = org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender

log4j.appender.fileLog = org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender
log4j.appender.fileLog.File = C:/logs/services.log
log4j.appender.fileLog.MaxFileSize = 256MB
log4j.appender.fileLog.MaxBackupIndex = 32
#Category: ConsultaDados
log4j.appender.ConsultaDados.layout.ConversionPattern={%t} %d - [%p] %c: %m %n
log4j.appender.ConsultaDados.DatePattern='.' yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm
And im creating ...

21. Which log4j facade to choose?    stackoverflow.com

Essentially I'm looking for something with the same behavior, configuration, logging levels as log4j, but with some of the missing functionality (e.g. formatted logging — see here and here ...

22. How would you break down and log the execution times of different parts of your application?    stackoverflow.com

We have built a web application that accepts SOAP messages, does some processing, calls out to another web service, massages the response and sendd it back to the original caller. We'd like ...

23. How to handle remote monitoring of log4j?    stackoverflow.com

I´ve been using chainsaw to remotely monitor an application that use log4j. I´m wondering if there are better ways to do it, or perhaps another logging framework.

24. Junk from vendor libraries flooding log4j    stackoverflow.com

How can I best prevent these libraries from flooding my own apps log4j bus? I do not want to set everything to ERROR, but at this rate the vendor library is ...

25. How do I turn logging off using log4j?    stackoverflow.com

I am using a third-party library which has a log4j.xml configuration - what's the best way to turn off the logging?

26. Using log4j in oc4j 10.1.3    stackoverflow.com

I have a web application running on OC4J 10.1.3. I am trying to do some logging using log4j. The messages show up in my IDE console as expected, but ...

27. Java Logging framework with parsers generated?    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for a java logging framework which enables to declare your own grammar and automatically generates the associated parser. Ideally, I would like to use log4j and generates a parser and ...

28. Log4j loading up memory?    stackoverflow.com

We can call Log4j in two ways 1) Having static Logger reference in each class of the package and call logger 2) Having one static Logger reference in once 'static' class and refer ...

29. Java Logging: show the source line number of the caller (not the logging helper method)    stackoverflow.com

The numerous (sigh...) logging frameworks for Java all do a nice job of showing the line number of the source file name for the method that created the log message:


 [INFO] ...

30. Is there any logging library (ex. log4j) in actionscript 3    stackoverflow.com

I am a new as3 developer. Using trace method can help to print messages to the output pane of flash ide. However, in some situations, we want the messages fewer. I ...

31. log4j and Commons Logging co-existing    stackoverflow.com

In my application I'm using log4j and some 3rd party jars. One of those 3rd party jars is using Commons Logging. Now whenever I use classes from that 3rd party jar, ...

32. Log4J not providing correct source info    stackoverflow.com

I am using log4j for traces. I am using the following pattern for my trace:

<layout class="org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout">
  <param name="ConversionPattern" value="%d{dd-MM HH:mm:ss.SSS} | %X{sid} | [%t] | %F:%M:%L | %-5p | %m%n"/>

In some ...

33. logging using Log4j    stackoverflow.com

We are using Log4j in our project for logging. I want to log some statements for some of the classes without showing any extra information except from the content, e.g.: Currently ...

34. What do you think about returning the logging sentence    stackoverflow.com

I have this java code:

if(isNull(office) || isNull(pricelist)) {
    log.warn("The document {0}-{1} is not valid.",codDoc,numDoc);
    return null;
Do you think it is ok if I rewrite it ...

35. Removing access to System.out in java    stackoverflow.com

I maintain an application which acts as a container for multiple individual programs. These programs have their own dedicated logging facility, i.e. everything they log does to a special log file. Nevertheless, ...

36. Overriding log4j settings at deploy time    stackoverflow.com

For an application which is deployed on a large number of machines I took the decision to deploy a standard log4j.xml file with the application package, just to make sure that ...

37. Creating daily logs with Log4j?    stackoverflow.com

What configuration values are needed to setup Log4j to use the following pattern?
With each file containing the days log. This sounds easy enough to do with Log4j's DailyRollingFileAppender but I am having ...

38. Send JNI C stderr/stdout through log4j    stackoverflow.com

My java app uses JNI to invoke a library written in C. This native library logs errors to stderr but I would like to redirect the error stream through my log4j ...

39. what's log4j actually doing when we turn on or off some log places?    stackoverflow.com

We know we can config log4j to turn off log on specific places (class or package in Java) via its properties/configuration file. My questions are followed:

  1. what's log4j actually doing for those ...

40. Open Source Log Aggregators?    stackoverflow.com

I have sixteen servers using Log4J logs, accessible by ssh. I want to see the output of all logs on my desktop machine. Apache Chainsaw can presumably do this, but the ...

41. What do you think of saving stack trace in a special log table?    stackoverflow.com

Suppose, you have a special log table of your application. What do you think about creating a BLOB field for a possible stack trace ? Logging is done to file as well, but ...

42. Advantage of log4j    stackoverflow.com

What's the advantage of log4j over set System.out and System.err to output to a log file?

43. Customising log4j logging for sensitive data    stackoverflow.com

I have a class which contains sensitive information (Credit card info, phone numbers etc). I want to be able to pass this class to log4j, but have it obscure certain information. If I ...

44. How to enable logs for sitemesh    stackoverflow.com

Is ther any form to enable logs for sitemesh ? I already put this in the log4j configuration but it doesn't work

<!-- Appenders -->
<appender name="console" class="org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender">
    <param name="Target" ...

45. Ask Basic Configurator in Apache Commong Log    stackoverflow.com

I use log4j as logger for my web application. in log4j, I can set the level log in log4j properties or log4j.xml. in log4j, we instance logger as follows:

static Logger logger = ...

46. Problem Using POI To Set CellStyleProperty With HSSFCellUtil    stackoverflow.com

I have a Java class which uses Apache POI to generate reports in Excel. When I run the Java class from my IDE or command prompt, I only see warning messages from ...

47. What Log4j alternative logging libraries are available?    stackoverflow.com

What logging libraries do you recommend as alternatives to Log4j? Do these libraries work with Spring and Hibernate? Are they compatible with Slf4j or

48. Logging for application in different environment Log4j    stackoverflow.com

I am developing a logging framework using Log4j. I am not able to figure out how to maintain separate log files for different environment, i.e., development, testing, staging and production.

49. Logging wrapper - log4j    stackoverflow.com

I have a requirement to do a wrapper interface so that you can switch between different kind of logging mechanisms without changing the code. So I have my own info(String message) ...

50. log4j-RollingFileAppender    stackoverflow.com

I want to use log4j in my web application.I will like to setup the log4j in such a way that when the file reach a certain size, we start writing a ...

51. log4j append=false does not work for me... why?    stackoverflow.com

I have the below configured for log4j which outputs a csv log file. Every time my program executes I wish to start this log file a fresh by overwriting not appending ...

52. Java logging framework which runs on a subset of 1.1.8/1.2 and does not depend on java.beans, etc (as log4j does)    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on an application for a device which supports a subset of Java 1.1.8/1.2, specifically the classes in the following packages:

  • java.lang
  • java.io
  • java.util
  • java.net
  • java.lang.reflect
  • java.util.zip
  • java.math
  • java.text
  • java.security
I ...

53. A different log for every user using Log4j    stackoverflow.com

I have a webapplication and I want to use a different log for every user, so I can have a "history" of what the user did on the system. This is what ...

54. Preprocessor logging statements in java    stackoverflow.com

for example I want to replace before compilation:

#debug("${enclosing_method} this is debug message for " + userName)
if (log.isDebugEnabled())
  log.debug("<real method name> this is debug message for " + userName);

55. Need help - logs are getting mixed between 2 different applications running in same JVM    stackoverflow.com

I am facing issues with logging of 2 applications deployed in same JVM. I have 2 applications say A & B running in Websphere application server. A is EJB project having log4j.jar in ...

56. Log4j - Excluding the logging of some classes    stackoverflow.com

I am using Log4j in my application, and the libraries that I use that also use Log4j are also outputting their logs to the log files that I create. I have ...

57. log4j, foreign logging    stackoverflow.com

When my logger is set to "all", i am seeing messages that my code does not explicitly place. I am using a jar a friend of mine gave me to do ...

58. How to send a stacktrace to log4j?    stackoverflow.com

Say you catch an exception and get the following on the standard output (like, say, the console) if you do a e.printStackTrace() :

java.io.FileNotFoundException: so.txt

59. Is it possible to log a method call in java (log4j)?    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible to log any method call in log4j Java? Thanks!

60. logging stderr and stdout with log4j    stackoverflow.com

Following the receipt on log4j redirect stdout to DailyRollingFileAppender And it was working until some point, and then it stopped working for some unknown reason. Any idea of what can be ...

61. Question about Log4jAppender    stackoverflow.com

i have started learning something about log4j as so far its working fine here is the code from the log4j.property file

    # Set root logger level to DEBUG ...

62. What is the difference between log4j and java.util.logging    stackoverflow.com

Which is best for getting the log files of user logged in his account? Explain with a small example... Thanks for your time...

63. Does log4j provide any mechanism to daily archive log?    stackoverflow.com

Does log4j 1.2 provide any mechanism to daily archive log? Everybody say that i can do it via org.apache.log4j.rolling.TimeBasedRollingPolicy but in sources of 1.2.15 i don't see any TimeBasedRollingPolicy class. I found ...

64. grep-friendly logging of stack traces    stackoverflow.com

I do a lot of grepping through logs generated by Java's Log4j and Python's logging module. Both create stack traces that include newline characters, causing the log entry to span multiple ...

65. Combining log4j and log4perl logs    stackoverflow.com

I have a Java application that launches a Perl program using Runtime.exec, waits for it to return and then continues. I would like the log4j output from the Java application ...

66. Log4j: what is threshold    stackoverflow.com

Hi All I have a log4j properties something like the below. Everything that is logged in TextProcessor.log is something is above above WARN level. I don't understand the ...

67. Commons logging to use java.util.logging    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to use commons logging and wan to use java.util.logging as underlying mechanism. LogTest.java

import org.apache.commons.logging.*;

public class LogTest { 

        public static void main(String ...

68. log4j Log Indexing using Solr    stackoverflow.com

We are finding it very hard to monitor the logs spread over a cluster of four managed servers. So, I am trying to build a simple log4j appender which uses solrj ...

69. persistent logging in log4j    stackoverflow.com

How to perform persistent logging in log4j? Say when i see a log file with WARN log messages by giving command like debug cms stats WARN.. Now when i close this log file,again ...

70. Log4j only logs in main class. What I'm doing wrong?    stackoverflow.com

I'm currently struggling to log with log4j. I've created a xml configuration file and succeeded to log in my main class: log4j.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE log4j:configuration SYSTEM "log4j.dtd">

<log4j:configuration xmlns:log4j="http://jakarta.apache.org/log4j/">

  <appender name="LogAppender" ...

71. How do I integrate BIRT logging into application logging?    stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a web application using Spring Framework, Hibernate, and Wicket. I've integrated the BIRT runtime engine as the reporting component, but I have a problem with logging. Every other component ...

72. How to grep specific query in log    stackoverflow.com

The following is my log.

2011-03-10 20:34:16,657  INFO [jdbc.sqlonly]
SELECT          COL1
    ,   COL2    -- some ...

73. log4j practical question    stackoverflow.com

log4jRefreshInterval 1000 I have used while configuring log4j to my web.xml.I am using spring. I saw that this is only used to detemine the property ...

74. Log4j Logging Based on Class    stackoverflow.com

I want to do logging based on class. I created something like this:

log4j.appender.cancellation.layout.ConversionPattern=%d %5p [%t] (%F:%L) - %m%n

and on my class:
private Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("com.mydomain.bean.CancellationBean");
but it doesn't work, any suggestion?

75. java log4j logging priority question    stackoverflow.com

The Level class of log4j has the following constructor:

protected Level(int level, String levelStr,int syslogEquivalent)
My question is, when is the String levelStr parameter used?
I have defined my own custom appender ...

76. record the user interaction: log4j?    stackoverflow.com

I need your suggestions. I have a Java application and i would like to record the way that the users use my application. I wonder what the most frequently used buttons are. Calculate ...

77. log4j logging twice    stackoverflow.com

Hi I am using log4j to log error and other system information. but come of the info logged twice at INFO level.

public static void main(final String... args) throws Exception {


78. log4j log problem    stackoverflow.com

I am writing an servlet. I having several classes, some of them I want their log to be seperated from each other. Here is the log4j configuration file:

log4j.rootLogger=INFO, CONSOLE, SearchPdfBill, Scheduler

# CONSOLE is ...

79. Advantages and disadvantages of using log4j    stackoverflow.com

I have been told to use log4j for my logging project,but before using log4j, i wanted to know what all are its disadvantages, so that i can find some solution to ...

80. concurrent log4j    stackoverflow.com

I have my own logging engine which writes the logs on a separate thread with a blocking queue. For the sake of using "standard software" I am thinking about switching to ...

81. log4j record-like log    stackoverflow.com

I want log4j to produce record-like output. What I DON'T want:

1    INFO  ... - User login: Agostino
120  INFO  ... - Start process: 0, elements to process ...

82. Lang ToStringBuilder request parameters logging    stackoverflow.com

I need to log all the request parameters in some situations for debug purposes... I tried using ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString(request), but it still showed memory addresses Is there any easy way to log request parameters ...

83. Silencing Flyway -- a log4j problem    stackoverflow.com

I've written a wrapper around Flyway I call Nomad. I am well pleased with Flyway, save the incessant logging it performs outside of Maven. I created an ...

84. log4j ContentAppender null when static    stackoverflow.com

When ConsoleAppender is static, I get the following error from log4j:

log4j:ERROR Attempted to append to closed appender named [null].
Example code:
import org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender;
import org.apache.log4j.Logger;
import org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout;
public class Logging {
    private static ...

85. Log a java class using log4j called from a Coldfusion application    stackoverflow.com

I want to be able to log debugging messages from my Java classes in a file on my web server, using log4j. I am able to log messages successfully to ...

86. Is there a need to do a if(log.isDebugEnabled()) { ... } check?    stackoverflow.com

is there a need to do an explicit if(log.isDebugEnabled()) { ... } check? I mean i have seen some post mentioning that log.debug("something") does an implicit call to see if debug ...

87. NTEventLogAppender (Library is already loaded in another ClassLoader)    stackoverflow.com

I have a log4j.properties file like this on my src package:

log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, CA, EVA 

#Console Appender 
log4j.appender.CA.layout.ConversionPattern=%-4r [%t] %-5p %c %x - %m%n 

#Event Viewer Appender
log4j.appender.EVA.layout.ConversionPattern=[%c][%l][%p][%thread]: %m%n
I create the logger ...

88. Guice log4j custom injection does not support logging within the constructor    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use Guice to inject Log4J Logger instances into classes as described in the Guice documentation: http://code.google.com/p/google-guice/wiki/CustomInjections However, as noted in some of the comments on that wiki page, ...

89. Bundling log4j.properites in a library - bad style or what?    stackoverflow.com

I came across a nice small web request framework for Java - http://www.sparkjava.com/ . Api looks nice and promising, but the library bundle itself is pretty strange. Ok, leave ...

90. log4j 1.2.7 : logs stopping and restarting    stackoverflow.com

we have an application whose logs stopped abruptly and after 3 months started logging again. This is a critical application and the particular log is needed however not mission critical and ...

91. Log TraceNo for each request in web application using Log4j    stackoverflow.com

I have a class name TraceNoGenerator that works as Sequence in Oracle Database, I want to use this class to assign a trace no for each request come to my web ...

92. Could it be, that cobertura does not execute logging functionality    stackoverflow.com

I wrote a class, which is a web service and did some logging.
The class delegates the messages to a log4j.Logger. My unit test for this class is "green" and did the following:

  • Log ...

93. Log4j threshold not working    stackoverflow.com

I set the rootlogger level to debug and a package level to ERROR but still the package is logging INFO and DEBUG levels to.. Here is my log properties..

log4j.appender.rollingFile = org.apache.log4j.DailyRollingFileAppender ...

94. How to configure OpenEJB client logging?    stackoverflow.com

We are using OpenEJB clients that connect to one OpenEJB server container. The OpenEJB servers are managed by Corosync and Pacemaker for fail-over operation. Whenever an OpenEJB instance fails (caused by ...

95. log4j logs to my logfile AND catalina.out    stackoverflow.com

my logger logs to my logfile and the catalina.out i don't know how to solve it, I don't want the logger to log to both. here is my code:

private static final ...

96. How create log4j wrap and get correct logs    stackoverflow.com

I have multithreaded application and i want add some text information in every log message I create factory and extend class, it works fine

protected Logger logger = Logger.getLogger("Test", new MyLog4JFactory());

import org.apache.log4j.Logger;
import org.apache.log4j.spi.LoggerFactory;

public ...

97. Logging in Java Web Start using log4j    stackoverflow.com

I am migrating my application to Java Web Start. I have a situation that my application logs the message using log4j and configuration file create the logs in the installation ...

98. Conditional logging with log4j    stackoverflow.com

The web application on which I am working occasionally develops data integrity issues for some of the users. I'd like to turn on trace level logging, but since we are dealing ...

99. Using log4j for different applications    stackoverflow.com

I have a problem with log4j loggin and I hope you can help me on this. This is the scenario: I have 3 different applications (in other words 3 .jar) A, B ...

100. Overriding Camel & log4j    stackoverflow.com

I'm fairly new to Apache Camel, but have to say that I love it so far. One "limitation" (probably a lack of understanding on my part) I've hit so far is ...