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1. Is there a way to log the name of the method in which logging occurs-using Log4j    stackoverflow.com

I do not want to log caller location information, as this can be done using %l or %M. What i am looking for is for example

public void multiply(){
some business ...

2. how to create log in specific location when using log4j in java desktop application    stackoverflow.com

I am using log4j in Eclipse for logging messages in a java desktop application. I want that the log should be created in a specific folder (Specifically, in the folder which ...

3. want to use logging mechanism in my dynamic web project using log4j    stackoverflow.com

I am a newbie. I want to do logging in my dynamic web project using log4j. I have reffered few manuals and all and know bit about appenders, layouts and loggers. ...

4. Log 4j referencing input    stackoverflow.com

I would like to reference input on my log 4j properties file such that when it recieves an input command externally it looks it up on a list and acts accordingly. This ...

5. Node.js log4j-like logging system    stackoverflow.com

Could you recommend me a good log4j-like logging system for node.js?

6. log4j logging hierarchy order    stackoverflow.com

What is the hierarchy of log4j logging?

Which one provides the highest logging which would be helpful to troubleshoot issues? Can any one provide the order or hierarchy in which logging take place ...

7. log4j: How do i enable logging in a subclass for a method in a superclass    stackoverflow.com

I have a logging statement in a method of my Superclass. I want to enable this statement only if the method is called for an Object of SubClassA.

public class SuperClass
private static ...

8. Auto-flushing Play! logs into logs/system.out    stackoverflow.com

I noticed that Play! logs don't always flush immediately after calling log4j's logger.log(). I created a log4j.properties file in the conf folder, set the root logger to INFO, and am using log4j ...

9. Is there a modern alternative to SpiffyFramework's LoggerHelper.getLogger()?    stackoverflow.com

I found this article about log4j loggers, that pointed me to Spiffy Framework, a noble yet unmaintained attempt at creating a global "utils library" (last commit was ...

10. NoClassDefFoundError with clojure tools logging    stackoverflow.com

I'm using clojure.tools.logging for a web application. For long times it works fine, with org.clojure/tools.logging "0.1.2". I start and stop then re-start clojure repl[lein repl] for multiple time for development testing ...

11. Log4j vs Java.utils.logging    bytes.com

Hi all, I have scoured the net for this opinion, and I have come to the conclusion that many think log4j is the superior API. I therefore would like to hear ...

12. Log4j not logging    bytes.com

If you ahve previously searched here for an answer... Try the sun site yet on this, couldn't hurt... Care to also post your code:-)

13. java logging Vs log4j    coderanch.com

14. logging using log4j    coderanch.com

hi, i want to ask about log4j from apache. how is the way to create a log file which its name based on the date when it was appended/created. example, if i append/create the logger at 2nd July 2005, then the file name will be 02-05-2005-logs.log or something like that. so, i can trace the logger based on the date when ...

15. log4j and apache.commons.logging    coderanch.com

log4j is a logging framework, i.e. it provides the code to log messages. Commons-logging is an abstraction layer for logging frameworks, it doesn't log anything itself. For example if I write code using commons logging and deploy it on JBoss, the logging is done by log4j, but if I deploy it on WebSphere logging is done by WebSphere's own logging implementation. ...

16. log4j vs commons logging    coderanch.com

so I understand the power of log4j but I have always used commons logging API and lo4j jars to use log4j. Is there any benefit to using log4j API natively in code ? I'd like to write my own Appenders. Also im interested in learning any best practices you follow with regards to logging.

17. Java logging -vs- log4j    coderanch.com

I'm attempting to implement logging with Java 1.6; my past experience has been with Apache's Log4j. Statement: Log4j allow's for a "rolling log file" created on a daily basis. Questions: Does java logging also provide this capability (i.e. rolling to a new log file at midnight)? If it does, might you have a code example that I can look at? Thanks! ...

18. Log4j Grouping application logs    java-forums.org

Hi, I am trying to group logs of multiple related applications to a single log file. For example I have 3 applications A1.esb, A2.esb, A3.esb. I want all the logs from these 3 applications get logged to a single log file called A.log. Similarly, I want B.log for B1.esb, B2.esb and B3.esb. I am using log4j in JBoss application server. I ...

19. Log4j logs    forums.oracle.com

20. Can't log (log4j)    forums.oracle.com

23. Java util logging vs log4j    forums.oracle.com

You should realize that the article is over 5 years old and was written when Java 1.3 was the state of the art. Getting location information is much faster in Java 5. And really, if you're doing so much logging that it affects your application's throughput, then you're doing too much logging.

24. How do I specify the location of log4j.log?    forums.oracle.com

I have some users on Windows and others on Linux, currently the Windows users have no problem with the log4j.log (it's being created in C:\TEMP\). However the Linux users are not able to create the log4j.log because there is no file called C:\TEMP\ on their systems. What I need is a way to have the program see which OS the user ...

25. What if log4j uses java.util.logging classes?    forums.oracle.com

The log4j 2.0 is not likely to be backward compatible as it uses jdk 5.0 features. In such scenario, I think log4j should be made a complementary framework to java.util.logging instead of making it competitive. As you already know, Conceptually, java logging & log4j logging classes are similar. Appenders Handler, Layout Formatter etc. The primary difference seems to be LogManager. ...

26. log4j -Logging to memory stream    forums.oracle.com

Hi, I want to use log4j to log data into memory .I'm not sure if WriterAppender is the one to use for this purpose ? here is the description of the problem : at all times log to memory using the logger.logger should be writing to a memory stream (memory writes are cheap in performance) if user wants a manual log ...

27. See log4j log on a J2EE WebApp    forums.oracle.com

Hi to all, I'm looking for a taglib o something like it to read log4j files and write them in a web page inside a J2EE WebApplication. Before do it by myself for example using SourceForge's DisplayTag, I would like to know if anyone has already thought about it. I don't need stand alone application like LogFactor5... I must show the ...

28. integrating commons logging with Log4j    forums.oracle.com

29. Log4j and commons logging    forums.oracle.com

30. Log4j - can it log to a class?    forums.oracle.com

Hi all Following on from my thread below, analysing the advice got from paulcw (thanks again!), I want to use log4J to log events in my app. But ideally i would like log4J to log to a class in memory, so that a jsp could then interrogate that class and display its contents to screen. My question is therefore, can log4J ...

31. Log Threshold on Log4j    forums.oracle.com

Hi All, We are facing some issues with current log file size on a production system. Currently it is writing 10-15 GB of log daily which cannot be accommodated by the server. The specific drive will run out of space daily and such a huge file itself is a waste as it doesnt have readability. The current Threshold we are using ...

32. What is better Java Logging or Log4J?    forums.oracle.com

for my money, log4j has the edge, largely because it doesn't keep a lock on log files when they're not actually being written to. but on the downside, it's another third-party library you have to use. then again, every project I've worked on recently has had it imported anyway via some other third-party library like Spring or Hibernate, so it's there ...

33. problem implementing log4j? not inserting data in new userlog.log .    forums.oracle.com

I don't understand this problem is from Log4j.jar or any class not getting initialized. I can get some data displayed in server.log if i use