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1. log4j/log4cxx : exclusive 1 to 1 relation between logger and appender    stackoverflow.com

Using the xml configuration of log4cxx (which is identical in configuration to log4j). I want to have a certain logger output exclusively to a specific appender (have it the only logger which ...

2. How to log Process id using Log4cxx or log4j    stackoverflow.com

I am using log4cxx my project and i can able to log current thread id using [%t] marker, how to log process id?. I am using ConversionPattern & xml based configuration ...

3. forward KDE debug messages to log4cxx    stackoverflow.com

how could i capture the debug message from KDE and forward the message into the log4cxx system?

4. log4cxx: configuring appender with arguments    stackoverflow.com

log4cxx's config is read from follow-by xml via:

But, want to have filename set at runtime, and this creates a problem of either having multiple .xmls for reading, or creating one on ...

5. How to keep single file and overwrite the contents in the same file using log4cxx?    stackoverflow.com

In my application , Multiple threads log the data in the same file .if the file size exceeds the limit , then i have to delete the particular record in file ...

6. Log4Cxx sql server appender    stackoverflow.com

Is it possible, when using Log4Cxx, to write the logs to MS SQL server? I have been Googling for a while and have found a few examples that use the ODBCAppender. E.G.:

<appender ...

7. What log4net pattern provides for filename without the full path    stackoverflow.com

My log4net conversion pattern looks like this

<conversionPattern value="%5level [%thread] (%file:%line) - %message%newline" />
The %file spits out the full path covering almost one full line in my console window. How can I ...

8. log4cxx config file syntax    stackoverflow.com

I'm just discovering log4cxx logging framework. It seems there are two different syntaxes for writing config file:

  1. xml manner
  2. key-value manner
Is there a difference or a best practice in this two approaches?

9. Using Log4j CompositeTriggeringPolicy feature with log4CXX     stackoverflow.com

I would like to combine both rolling time and rolling size in an appender, it seems there is no composite rolling in log4cxx, am I right ?

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