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1. Why chose XML over properties files for Log4J configuration?

Are there any reasons to use XML over properties files for Log4J configuration?

2. Why isn't my file getting used?

I have a file in my current directory that specifies some things to log at DEBUG level, and everything else as INFO:

log4j.rootLogger=WARN, stdout
log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=[%5p] %d{mm:ss} (%F:%M:%L)%n%m%n%n
And I run the project from ...

3. commons-logging and log4j properties file

I am trying to use log4j via commons-logging and having problems if the log4j properties file is not called I get following error: log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger (LogMePlease). log4j:WARN ...

4. How to validate Java logging properties files?

I have a basic facility for allowing users to remotely apply changes to the logging files in my application. Some logs are configured using java.util.logging properties files, and some are ...

5. log4j sample configuration file (properties file)

What is the easiest way to get started with log4j configuration?

6. Are file includes supported?

Does log4j support properties files includes - like commons configuration - so I could include one file from another, overriding properties as appropriate? I have tried doing it, and it doesn't seem ...

7. How to configure log4j with a properties file

How do I get log4j to pick up a properties file. I'm writing a Java desktop app which I want to use log4j. In my main method if have this:


8. Setting jvmargs in file

This is a bit of a weird request but I am trying to set some jvmargs in the file. At present I use ant to for example set some args.... jvmarg ...

9. log4j properties file: how to configure?

Is it right that the procedure of using log4j looks like this: 1) put a .properties file somewhere in a project folder 2) in an initialization method, that runs only once, invoke PropertyConfigurator.configure("path_to_file"); 3) ...

10. Where/how does log4j look for a file?

I'm trying out log4j in a simple test app. I create a new Java project in eclipse and add the log4j JAR (v1.2.16) to my build path. I then create a ...

11. Help configuring the log4cplus configuration file (properties file)

I created a new Logger object like this:

log4cplus::Logger m_WebAccessLogger;  //a class member
Then in the constructor initialization list I do:
This works fine, it logs as expected. What I'm having trouble ...

12. JBoss 5.0.1: file not taking effect in EAR

I cannot get the settings in my file to take effect. I've already followed the advice in the following forum discussion: Here is my file (in the root ...

13. Exempt a given class not to write into my log file using Log4J properties file

I am using log4j to do my logging. I lately added a library (Connection pooling lib called DBPool) and it is producing a lot of output to my log file. The log ...

14. log4j StringToMatch in property file

I have following XML configration i would like to convert to java property file. I am getting below error

log4j:WARN Failed to set property [filter] to value "org.apache.log4j.varia.DenyAllFilter".
log4j:ERROR Could not instantiate class ...

15. Problem with loading custom appender using log4j property file

I'm working on an Eclipse RCP project comprised from multiple plugin projects, and having trouble load a custom appender using the following property file in log4j:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE log4j:configuration SYSTEM ...

16. Log4j not finding custom appender using a property file

I'm trying to configure log4j in an Eclipse plugin project using the following XML property file, that includes a custom appender called EclipseLoggingAppender:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE log4j:configuration SYSTEM "log4j.dtd">

<log4j:configuration xmlns:log4j="" debug="true">

17. log4j properties file

I see this is a properties file,,
is "@@" a wildcard notation?

18. log4j picking up wrong properties file

There are 2 files in my classpath. I need both of them - One of them is required for a library that I am using and another is the one ...

19. how to include date/time in log filename in log4j properties file

I want to create a log file for log4j using FileAppender. For eg if log file is : /home/jj/socket/socket.log I want log as: /home/jj/socket/socket_YYYYMMDDhhmm.log or /home/jj/socket/socket_YYYYMMDD.log

20. Where does SLF4J pick up the Log4j Property file from?

Where does SLF4J pick up the Log4j Property file from?

21. Where can I find descriptions on the various properties of a log4j properties file?

I'm looking for information that actually explains the what properties are available for a file. What I've found instead are a lot of properties files that are already made saying, ...

22. Log4J properties file not found

I have a Java Project that was added to the Java Build Path of a Web Project. On the first Java project I added the Log4J JAR file to the Java Build ...

23. log4j custom log level and properties file

I have the following custom logging level

public class SAMLLoggingLevel extends Level{

public static final String SAMLLOGGING_LEVEL = "SAMLLOGGING";
public static final Level SAML_EXCEPTION_LOGGING = new SAMLLoggingLevel(FATAL_INT + 1, SAMLLOGGING_LEVEL, 7);
public static final Level ...

24. Log4j referring to external properties file in class path

I have a file

    log4j.appender.BigBrotherLog.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{yy/MM/dd} %d{HH:mm:ss} ...

25. configuring file | separating logs

I am using hibernate in my webpoject.I have my log4j.propertes under WEB-INF/classes.I want seperate log files for hibernate logs and my application log.In shot am not interested in hibernate logs but ...

26. log4j reset properties back to original as on file

In my application, I defined log4j.properites as follows Notification
later in the program i am dynamically changing the subject to
Properties prop = new Properties();
prop.setProperty("", "Test Completed");
After I use this variable, I ...

27. change log4j property file at runtime cause an empty default log created

I have an application that uses log4j to log on a text file, i have placed a file inside my executable jar file containing the default log configuration parameters. My ...

28. Log4J properties file - where to put it

Hi, I am finally getting round to using log4j in my netbeans projects. I can't work out where to put the properties file in the netbeans project structure. nothing seems to work! Also, where would the output log file be written to if i configure it to use files. any help has my huge thanks cheers hugh

29. load log4j property file from url

I have figured out how to load a property file from a url and use the PropertyResourceBundle to get the properties. However once loaded how do I make this property file visible to the application? Is there some log4j object I can call and provide it with reference to the property file accessed from url? Any help would be appreciated. The ...

30. setting the file

32. How to know file is loaded?

Hello everyone ! I am struggling with file. On my websphere server, I am not able to write logs to a file using file appender. Earlier it used to work and whenever it stopped working, I just restarted the server and started working. But now, even after restarting the server, it is not writing logs to the file. I think ...

35. Log4J question: loading properties file in as

Hi! I'm a newbee with Log4J.. Well.. I'm working with Sun One Java System Application Server, I have a properties file and the scipt in java with an hashtable who loads the values..then I can see this values loaded in JBuilder but it doesn't seems to work with my A.S. !!! I took care of configuration in the application server with ...

36. Log4j Logger - properties file configuration

Hi This is regarding Apache Log4j logger and the configuration of file. Suppose if I have set the properties file to log the messages in a database. It works fine. However, lets say for some reason the database is not accessible for some time. Is there a way to configure a "backup" feature in file that basically says that ...

37. Log4j Logger - properties file configuration

Hi This is regarding Apache Log4j logger and the configuration of file. Suppose if I have set the properties file to log the messages in a database. It works fine. However, lets say for some reason the database is not accessible for some time. Is there a way to configure a "backup" feature in file that basically says that ...