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1. log4j logging to catalina.out in unix instead of log file    stackoverflow.com

In my web application I am inititalizing logging in my web application by using the PropertyConfigurator.configure(filepath) function in a servlet which is loaded on startup. String log4jfile = getInitParameter("log4j-init-file"); ...

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Our app servers (weblogic) all use log4j to log to the same file on a network share. On top of this we have all web apps in a managed server ...

3. syslog question on rfc    stackoverflow.com

I would like to use syslog for logging from a remote application.
I have some questions though:
For example the RFC says:

If the originally formed message has a HOSTNAME field, then ...

4. java logging : multiple small file vs one big    stackoverflow.com

Using log4j on Unix, which Appender would perform the best to write 1000Meg : 1) Using RollingFileAppender writing 10 file of 100 Meg or 2) Using a FileAppender and writing a single 1000Meg ...

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I have created a small program which logs text data to a file on some action. I am accessing the remote system where the program is deployed by Putty. I have ...

6. Log files back up - problem    stackoverflow.com

Hi i am having small application using log4j, it run 24*7, i want to back up log file since its keep growing bigger. anyone suggest me best way to backup and continue ...

7. log4j DEBUG log logging to catalina.out but not in file in unix    stackoverflow.com

I implemented log4j logging in my JSF application.My log4j.properties file is like this

log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, stdout, fileout

#----------------------------- All logging to console-----------------------------

log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=[%d] [%t] %5p %c{1}:%L - %m%n

# ------------------------------ All Logging to File------------------------------

log4j.appender.fileout = org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender
log4j.appender.fileout.layout ...

8. log4j writes to system out after changes made to unix system    bytes.com

Log4j is now writing to system out when I changed my java properties and other things in unix. Everything was working fine, I cannot rollback to my previous settings. Am I ...

9. log4j Not capturing in UNIX box    forums.oracle.com

I have developed J2EE/WAS 6.2 application. Implemented Log4J and it is working without any issues in my local WINDOWS system. when I deployed the application in UNIX environment it is not capturing. Here is the development details: 1. configured Log4j.properties, WEB-INF/logs folder and /out.log in web.xml file 2.Log4jInit servlet would access web.xml param and captures log details in out.log file I ...