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1. Which Rich Client Platform to use

We recently started to develop a Java desktop app and management has requested that we make use of Rich Client Platform. I know of three for Java namely:

  1. Eclipse RCP -

2. When should I use a platform like OSGI and when it must be avoided?

My question is pretty straightforward: What are the features of an application that force the developer to exploit OSGI-like system? What are the cases, when such a utility is unneeded?

3. Recommendations for compatibility between OSGi platform releases

Assuming that it's even possible, what would be your recomendations to make a bundle compatible between different platform releases? Specially between R3 and R4. Update about my requirements: The idea was to develop ...

4. Eclipse RCP: Target platform - Eclipse vs. Equinox?

I'm just starting with OSGi and Eclipse RCP. Could someone explain to me the difference between "Eclipse" and "Equinox" as the target platform, when creating a new eclipse plugin project?
I still ...

5. 'Platform is not supported' supported when trying to run OSGi debug target

I'm trying to run a tiny OSGi project from IntelliJ Idea. I've added the Equinox container in the OSGi configuration section in Idea. Then I added the OSGi facet to the ...

6. What is pure OSGi equvalent for Eclipse Platform.getBundle()

What is the pure OSGi equivalent to the following Eclipse platform call: org.eclipse.core.runtime.Platform.getBundle( [bundle-id] ) -> Bundle

7. Indigo Target Platform missing javax.xml

I'm using Eclipse Indigo and have problems with the setup of an indigo RCP target platform.
The Platform consists of the 'EclipseLink' and the 'Eclipse RCP SDK' libraries. I have used the ...

8. How to add OSGi WAR bundle ine eclipse target platform

For my OSGi development i have setup a target definition (.target file) which references two directories. Eclipse picks up all the jar files inside these directories and adds them to the ...