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1. How can I manage OSGi build dependencies?

We've embedded an OSGi runtime (Equinox) into out custom client-server application to facilitate plugin development and so far things are going great. We've been using Eclipse to build plugins due to ...

2. What is the relationship between OSGi and Dependency Injection

What are they of each other?

  • Specification and implementation?
  • Competitors?
  • Unrelated?

3. Should I use Eclipse plug-ins (or OSGi Bundles) as a plain dependency management tool?

once again it has happened... I joined a new project, composed of several plain Eclipse Java Projects, with interdependencies, all managed through the Project build path. I find this all a ...

4. Dependency Injection/IOC when extending the Eclipse IDE

Suppose I am building a very simple eclipse plugin for creating new java projects. I obviously will create a new Wizard for the extension point org.eclipse.ui.newWizards. However, what I really want is ...

5. View osgi bundles' dependencies?

I am looking for a tool in Eclipse that I can view graphically all osgi bundles' dependencies. Anyone has any ideas, please? Thanks

6. How to construct an OSGi service with dependencies and publish via DS

My sample classes:

public class MyModel implements Model

public class SingleModelProvider implements ModelProvider
    public SingleModelProvider(Model providedModel, List actions)

7. Dynamically create and configure OSGi Services with dependencies

In my current application i want to create and configure osgi services at runtime through a user interface. I've looked into the OSGi Metatype specification but it only supports simple type ...

8. Find out dependencies for a any .jar bundle

I am developing OSGi bundles using Eclipse. I test the code, using an Eclipse OSGi runtime configuration. The code works fine there, but when I export the bundles as jars and try ...

9. Problem integrating OCL types in Xtext grammar

I'm working on a grammar (Xtext project) where I want to reuse OCL types. Usually you refer in Xtext to existing types with an import statement, e.g.

import "" as ecore
There is ...

10. How to deploy OSGi apps and dependencies?

OSGi seems to have an excellent benefit of having small deployable artifacts by not wrapping dozens of JAR dependencies into a lib directory. However, I can't find anything that tells me ...

11. Automated OSGi dependency resolution for bundles that are maven-accessible?

It seem that there is already a fairly automated method to link, at least on the server, dependencies with their available bundles in a Maven repository, e.g., It seems ...

12. Felix maven-bundle-plugin transitive dependency issue

I'm new to OSGI and trying to deploy my first application. I've a spring dependency in my pom. While deploying I realized that Felix runtime requires all transitive dependencies to install ...

13. Untangling dependency cycles in eclipse

I'm trying to export a plug-in feature as webstart in eclipse. After setting up feature.xml, and running the export wizard, when I click finish I get the following error:

A cycle was ...

14. Is it reasonable to use different Start Levels to manage the dependencies between OSGi bundles?

My team are trying to develop a new system based on OSGi, and now we have more than 50 bundles and counting. The problem is, there is dependency between bundles. For ...

15. How should I declare a has-a dependency via OSGi declarative services?

My OSGi application uses a whiteboard pattern to register listeners for specific state changes. I use org.apache.felix.scr.annotations to declare my services and components instead of hand-coding the declarative XML. The easiest ...

16. What's the correct procedure for managing OSGi bundle dependencies?

I'm about to start working on an application that I'd like to run in an OSGi container, like Virgo. Virgo's core platform supplies many of the dependencies I'm interested ...