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1. dynamic plug-ins management /Updated    stackoverflow.com

I mean if one plugin will [download and] copy other plugin in apropriate folder or make a link file, can it dynamically integrate it with platform without restart?

So, it looks ...

2. Remoting and OSGi    stackoverflow.com

Is there an elegant way to use Services across or between OSGi containers? Is it even possible? For instance, lets say I have a service interface on my local machine. ...

3. Configure Equinox to modify the management of the "local bundle cache"    stackoverflow.com

Relating to a previous question, how let OSGi to reuse your configuration via Config Admin, I am still trying to solve this problem in the Equinox Framework. Pavol Juhos wrote:


4. Including additional resources with OSGi bundles    stackoverflow.com

I'm working on an OSGi bundle which implements a service as a wrapper around a native executable. That is, the service runs the executable with ProcessBuilder, feeds it some data, and ...

5. Equinox: Update of bundle lost after framework restart    stackoverflow.com

I've got a running equinox osgi framework with a bunch of started bundles. Now i update a bundle using the osgi console via 'update . (or use provided method: bundle.update(url)); Everything works ...

6. Equinox Bundle import conflict    stackoverflow.com

1) Bundle A reexports package com.X, which it gets from bundle C

2) Bundle B exports package com.X
3) Now bunlde D has dependency on both A and B.
From where ...

7. Split away Selection Service from o.e.ui.workbench bundle    stackoverflow.com

I want to use Selection Service feature from the eclipse RCP in my swing project. Currently the o.e.ui.workbench bundle which contains the related interface is around 3.7 MB, that's way too ...

8. How to get classloader for a bundle in equinox?    stackoverflow.com

I have read a lot of equinox code for this, but still can't figure out a non-hacky way of getting the classloader for a osgi bundle in eclipse equinox setup. Is ...

9. Equinox p2 for an arbitrary OSGi application?    stackoverflow.com

I am designing a software system which I think I am going to implement on an OSGi platform. It is going to be a software system running on self-service terminals. OSGi ...

10. Service References in OSGi    stackoverflow.com

Once an instance of an OSGi service is retrieved from the bundle context does it become invalidated when the service is stopped? My initial tests show that the service instance can ...

11. Metro + Jetty + OSGi = pain    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to swap out Sun's HTTPServer for the much better Jetty server, within an OSGi bundle, running on Equinox. I have tried this:

but when endpoint.publish(url) is called, and the server ...

12. How can I start an OSGI bundle at runtime?    stackoverflow.com

I need to wait to start a bundle during the execution of another bundle, is this possible?

13. com.sun.management.OperatingSystemMXBean use in an OSGi bundle    stackoverflow.com

I have some legacy code that was used to monitor my applications cpu,memory etc that I want to convert to a bundle. Now when i start this bundle its complaining

Missing ...

14. How to use OSGi from java application    stackoverflow.com

I'm new whith OSGi, but it is interesting. Is it possible to interact between osgi bundles and java application? If it is possible, how? thanks! The context is that I have a big Java ...

15. Is there a good way to add Equinox source to Eclipse to help debugging an OSGi bundle?    stackoverflow.com

I am banging my head against a mess of JNI code and DLLs that we are trying to shoehorn into an OSGi bundle. It has been particularly hard to get ...

16. What new in Equinox 3.5.2?    stackoverflow.com

The Eclipse and Equinox teams have released a new version of Equinox framework which is 3.5.2. I am currently using Equinox 3.5.0 and considering to upgrade to Equinox 3.5.2. However, I ...

17. Equinox config.ini generated    stackoverflow.com

I've got some osgi plugin development going on. I've created a launch configuration in my eclipse IDE, which adds all required bundles to my runtime. Is there any possibilty to export/convert ...

18. In Equinox Is it possible to to mark an OSGi bundle as started from its containing feature's p2.inf?    stackoverflow.com

I have an Eclipse feature which includes several bundles. I want to tell p2 to mark one of those bundles as started when the feature is installed. This is possible using ...

19. Best solution for using AOP with OSGI?    stackoverflow.com

I am using Equinox, so the Equinox Aspect project seems like a no-brainer, but that project appears to be inactive and has only one page of documentation that leaves me hanging ...

20. Starting OSGi bundle    stackoverflow.com

I try to run OSGi plug in in Eclipse. It is empty bundle, but eclipse always send me errors There are my console messages http://pastebin.com/dqQfpQhd What is wrong?

21. Who framed the org.osgi.framework.* interfaces?    stackoverflow.com

I understand that OSGI is just a specification and they don't event mandate that implementation be in Java. Then who/which guys have framed the "org.osgi.framework.x" packages. For e.g. where does the BundleContext.java ...

22. Equinox launcher    stackoverflow.com

What is the big difference between launching Equinox via java -jar plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.6.0.v20100517.jar and using org.eclipse.equinox.launcher (basically, java -jar plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.1.0.v20100507.jar)? I suppose that org.eclipse.equinox.launcher provides some added value, but what exactly?

23. JAX-WS with Equinox OSGi    stackoverflow.com

We have created a web service using JAX-WS and ProSyst OSGi. Accessing the service with the following code works fine in a standalone Java application as well as in the ProSyst ...

24. OSGi bundle start order linux vs windows    stackoverflow.com

I am currently deploying a number of bundles into equnox using pax-runner. The bundles are in a folder, the path to this is passed to runner in an args file. ...

25. How to setup a proper equinox installation    stackoverflow.com

I googled this for hours but I couldn't find anything useful. I have developed some OSGi bundles and now I want to run them outside of the Eclipse IDE in the equinox ...

26. Feedback on Eclipse Equinox - OSGi Framework    stackoverflow.com

I'm looking for toward evolving my app to use an OSGi framework. Eclipse Equinox appears to be a good choice as implementation... and I'm interrested by the Virgo server. But what do ...

27. Eclipse OSGI config: relative paths and/or @config.dir-like substitutions?    stackoverflow.com

In my RCP app, I would like to point a property (osgi.java.profile) to a file, and would prefer using paths relative to my installation and config dir. Is there a definitive spec ...

28. Copy protection and License Expiration?    stackoverflow.com

I'm developing a commercial Java application based on OSGi framework "Equinox". Currently I'm looking for a copy protection mechanism. I known that there is no real way of protecting a Java application from ...

29. How instantiate several OSGi services?    stackoverflow.com

In the context of an Eclipse RCP application I decided to use OSGi services to provide "Interfaces" out of a plugin (i.e a bundle). In one of my plugin I have the ...

30. Equinox: classes correctly exported and imported by bundles, still getting ClassNotFoundException    stackoverflow.com

I came upon the following obstacle whilst developing in OSGi. One set of bundles, responsible for persistence, uses the com.mysql.jdbc.Driver class, offered by another (Springsource EBR provisioned) bundle. In another bundle ...

31. Can Java Interactive Profiler profile osgi bundles?what is the workaround?    stackoverflow.com

you need to specify classloader to select classes to profile in JIP.But in OSGi platform each bundle has separate class loader which is decided dynamically. JIP has its own advantages.How do ...

32. There is a GUI to manage OSGi services? (in Eclipse or another project)    stackoverflow.com

I'm working with an application that uses and manages a large amount of OSGi services and implementations for each service, with properties, dynamism and so. Using the command line of the ...

33. Equinox Trusted Bundles    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to utilize the Equinox security features to restrict which bundles can be installed in my equinox deployment as well as my RCP client application. I have read up on ...

34. Passing Java arguments to bundle under Equinox OSGI framework?    stackoverflow.com

I our application we have several bundles that are running by the Equinox OSGI framework (with Tomcat). Currently we are passing the application configuration mostly by Java system properties. This properties are shared ...

35. simple hello world bundle (osgi) fails    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to become familiar with the OSGI platform and I read a German book about it. I tried to follow every tutorial step to get a simple 'hello world' ...

36. Deploying 'old-fashioned' Java web application in Equinox' Jetty    stackoverflow.com

I'd like to deploy regular war (not OSGi-ed) in Equinox' Jetty. Doable?

37. nullPointerException when trying to programaticaly install a bundle in Equinox    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to do a simple demo where I start the Equinox Framework and then load a tutorial bundle that was created (via the tutorial). I keep getting NullPointerExceptions here is ...

38. How can I use BundleWiring to lookup Bundle/Class relatioships (previously done via PackageAdmin)?    stackoverflow.com

I'm in the process of upgrading my application the latest release of Eclipse Equinox 3.7 and associated libraries. I'm excited to have the generic support in OSGi 4.3 and digging the ...

39. NoClassDefFoundError although OSGi bundle is there    stackoverflow.com

I get a run time error when trying to run a grails application on Eclipse Equinox.

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/collections/Transformer

at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)

at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClassCond(ClassLoader.java:632)

at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(ClassLoader.java:616)

at org.eclipse.osgi.internal.baseadaptor.DefaultClassLoader.defineClass(DefaultClassLoader.java:188)

at org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.loader.ClasspathManager.defineClass(ClasspathManager.java:580)

at org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.loader.ClasspathManager.findClassImpl(ClasspathManager.java:550)

at org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.loader.ClasspathManager.findLocalClassImpl(ClasspathManager.java:481)

at org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.loader.ClasspathManager.findLocalClass_LockClassLoader(ClasspathManager.java:469)

at org.eclipse.osgi.baseadaptor.loader.ClasspathManager.findLocalClass(ClasspathManager.java:449)

at org.eclipse.osgi.internal.ba 

40. How can I find out the pid of a running equinox instance, is there a pid file?    stackoverflow.com

How can I find out the pid of a running equinox instance, is there a pid file somewhere or is it configurable where it places a pid file? UPDATE: to make it ...

41. Loading org.w3c.dom.Node exception on standalone Equinox    stackoverflow.com

My application launches a NoClassDefFoundError looking for the org.w3c.dom.Node class when it runs on standalone mode over Equinox. Is this class provided by the framework? On the command line, I have run ...

42. Bundle.loadClass() returns Class instance without fields or methods    stackoverflow.com

I want to create an OSGi framework programmatically, load a Bundle with it and load a class from that bundle. When I call Bundle.loadClass() I get a Class isntance with all ...

43. What is the difference between osgi.startLevel and osgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel    stackoverflow.com

What is the difference between osgi.startLevel and osgi.bundles.defaultStartLevel present in config.ini of equinox OSGI implementation. I Also want to know how these configuration items are related to number of ...

44. Equinox and OSGI bundles    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to understand how Equinox works by looking through its underlying bundles. Can someone explain in general terms (or point out a good resource to understand) the relationship/difference between the ...

45. using the eclipse extension points in virgo    stackoverflow.com

I am encountering a problem here...our team is trying to port an eclipse Eclipse RCP project into the web and so the first step is to try to use Virgo to ...

46. RESTEasy server in OSGI can't process annotations    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to use RestEasy inside Equinox. The only document that I've seen on the web for this configuration is here: http://sarbarian.wordpress.com/2010/03/07/resteasy-and-osgi-perfect-match/ I've followed the steps here and fixed ...

47. FuzzyJess and OSGI Equinox    coderanch.com

Is OSGI framework support FuzzyJess? I was trying to develop an application and tried to use FuzzyJess Toolkit in OSGI Equinox. But when I try to run the bundles which uses FuzzyValue and FuzzyVariable do not get activated. Is this because OSGI does not support FuzzyJess. Kind clarification from anyone would be highly grateful. BR Sonam

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