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1. How to obfuscate an OSGi bundle with ProGuard?

I am currently trying to obfuscate my Eclipse RCP application with ProGuard. The problem is that it obfuscates the package names (the class My.Package.Class turns into something like a.b.c), but keeps ...

2. mangen adds 'Bundle-ManifestVersion: 1' to manifest, but felix doesn't seem to accept value 1

I've used 'Mangen' to process my jar, which works but it adds the next line to the manifest

Bundle-ManifestVersion: 1
after which Felix 1.8.0 complains with
-> install file:D:/bundles/
org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Unknown 'Bundle-ManifestVersion' value: 1

3. Reading my own Jar's Manifest

I need to read the Manifest file, which delivered my class, but when I use:

I get the MANIFEST from the first .jar loaded into the Java Runtime.
My app will be running ...

4. What does Tool/Bundle-Name/Export-Package etc. mean in a jar manifest

I'm looking at the for some apache libraries. While I can guess what Export-Package means, I can't find any documentation for these attributes ? Could anyone point me in the ...

5. How can i edit OSGi bundles manifest file in Netbeans 6.9?

I'm using Netbeans 6.9 RC2 and Maven OSGi Bundle project template. Actually i dont want to test my bundles in Netbeans environment so i copy the jar file to the OSGi ...

6. Character limit on Bundle-Classpath in OSGi bundle manifest?

Using Apache Felix, I have an OSGi component I've authored that wraps some middleware my company uses. Currently it depends on a good number of external libraries, and I appear ...

7. OSGI Manifest in eclipse plugin

How do I include an OSGI Manifest in an eclipse plugin easily? Thanks.

8. Is there a way to generate the MANIFEST.MF for an Eclipse plug-in project with m2eclipse?

I have a mavenized Eclipse plug-in project and I would like to be able to generate an OSGi-ready manifest for it. Is this supported by m2eclipse?

9. Validate OSGi Manifest

What's the best way to parse and validate an OSGi manifest file? I've got a bunch of MANIFEST.MF files and there's a syntax error in one of them. What's the best ...

10. How can I read a bundle's manifest before installing?

How can I read a bundle's manifest having only a JAR filename, but without installing or activating it? I need to install bundles dynamically, but this creates a problem when I try ...

11. How to convert old "plugin.xml" to new "" file?

How to convert plugin.xml file to file as some tags like:

    <library name="aaa.jar">
        <export name="*"/>
are seems ...

12. Modifying a Bundle Manifest at run time

Is it possible (and if so, safe) to modify the MANIFEST of a bundle anytime during it's lifecycle (i.e. presumably only between INSTALLED and RESOLVED). I guess another way to ask the ...

13. Is it possible to use newer bundle version than specified in manifest without altering current bundle?

Is it possible to use newer bundle version than specified in manifest without altering current bundle? E.g. there are BundleA (my project) that require BundleB. BundleB requore import BundleC version [1.0.0,1.1.0). And ...