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Is anyone using the OSGi Bundle Repository and what for?

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Is there any way to specify a number of OBR repositories in Felix's config.properties file? I do can add a repository at runtime, but I have to do it after restart. "Prefrences ...

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I have a simple test program which is designed to consume the Apache Felix Bundle Repository bundle service however I am having trouble configuring it through eclipse. I am using the jar ...

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Does anyone know of any services that provide OBR for hosting my own Bundles? Something like github - but for bundles. (If not - did anyone ever create their own OBR server, and ...

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Does anyone know where OBR (OSGI Bundle Repository) is defined in the OSGI official specs? I looked at Core, Compendium and Enterprise, and couldn't find it. :( Can someone point ...

6. Apache Felix obr deploy error messages    stackoverflow.com

How to read error messages when obr deploy command fails? Here is an example:

-> obr deploy configuration-exporter
Unsatisfied requirement(s):
      RoutingService :: DAO