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I created an OSGi project in which one I've 2 projects : - one plugin project : that contains my source files, my product configuration that uses my feature project and the ...

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I created an eclipse run configuration for a number of bundles. One of the bundles has a dependency to the following packages:

I believe these are part of the Sun Java JVM. ...

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People, I already searched a lot but I'm not finding my answer.. I did a eclipse plugin that writes junit test cases from source code. By now, I'm starting to use reflection in my ...

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I have a quite complex equinox application that I start in Eclipse with a usual launch configuration. It takes about 2 minutes to start so I don't want to restart it ...

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In my pde build I'm using pluginPath property to resolve dependencies from local p2 repositories for example:

I'm trying to find how to effectively materialize caches from HTTP p2 to ...